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Zach is AccelEvents’ COO and Co-Founder, focusing on company strategy, efficiency, and execution. Zach works with the AccelEvents team to create the best possible experience for you as you setup and run your fundraising solution.

22 Ways to Promote Your Event

2018-07-15T14:38:02-04:00 July 15th, 2018|Event Promotion, Fundraising Tips|

You’ve put hours of effort and dedication into creating an exciting and engaging event. With all the pieces in place, you have one major task left...promoting your event in order to ensure early and sustained interest. To help you accomplish this task, we’ve put together a list of 22 ways to promote your event. [...]

Why You Should Combine Your Ticketing and Fundraising Platform

2018-06-13T22:04:15-04:00 June 13th, 2018|Event Ticketing, Fundraising Tips|

Online and mobile technology is here to stay. Better technology and the increased popularity of social media and other online tools have lead to significant increases in efficiency across all aspects of our lives. It’s no surprise that these improvements have also affected the realms of event management and fundraising. Let’s first consider event [...]

How to Create Fundraiser Invites Sponsors Won’t Be Able to Resist!

2018-06-04T10:16:50-04:00 June 4th, 2018|Fundraising Tips|

This post features a guest article from our friend Stacey Wonder.  Fundraising events are an increasingly popular way for non-profit organizations and even individuals to raise awareness and of course funding for various different causes. However, these events usually require willing sponsors to contribute donations and other resources in order to be successful. Effective communication, [...]

Feature Announcement: Contact Module & New Navigation

2018-05-31T01:00:01-04:00 May 31st, 2018|Feature Announcements|

Our May feature announcements include a new contact module, enhanced navigation in our manager console, and , enhancements to host notifications, and more! 1. Contact Module Our new contact module will allow you to communicate and email with your guests or supporters seamlessly through the Accelevents platform. Using the tool, hosts can now [...]

The 9 Best Event Management Blogs

2018-05-23T18:04:19-04:00 May 12th, 2018|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing|

Over the years, we’ve written a few posts highlighting our favorite fundraising blogs. While these are great resources for all things fundraising, we want to provide you with a go-to guide on the best resources for event management. The below list consists of some of our favorite event management blogs, including topics like strategies [...]

The Best Fundraising Blogs to Follow in 2018

2018-05-01T07:40:06-04:00 April 30th, 2018|Fundraising Tips|

As a company focused on helping our clients raise as much money as possible through their fundraising initiatives, we enjoy keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the nonprofit, fundraising, and event space. While there are endless resources providing fundraising tips, promotion & communication strategies, and guides on how to build [...]

[Webinar Series]: How to Run a Successful Golf Fundraiser

2018-06-11T22:40:25-04:00 April 29th, 2018|Webinar|

Spring and summer fundraising season is finally here! As the weather gets warmer, fundraising hosts have the opportunity to offer unique fundraising experiences, with engaging venues and settings. One of our favorite spring/summer fundraising formats is the golf fundraiser. Always popular, golf fundraisers are both engaging and profitable for nonprofit organizations. But are you [...]

How to Sell Tickets Online

2018-04-25T00:02:45-04:00 April 25th, 2018|Event Ticketing|

When it comes to selling event tickets, you simply cannot beat the advantages of selling your tickets online! As many event hosts already know, selling events tickets can help you: Reach a larger audience. Sell tickets for a longer time period. Make the ticket purchase and checkout process easier for your guests. In addition [...]

The Last Event Fundraising Checklist You’ll Ever Need!

2018-04-15T14:17:06-04:00 April 15th, 2018|Fundraising Tips|

One thing that all fundraising event hosts agree on is that organizing and executing a fundraising event is no small task. The process often involves many steps that must be carefully planned in order to deliver an effective and engaging fundraising event. For someone running a fundraising event for the first time, this can [...]