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5 Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser

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Those who have planned a fundraising event in the past know that it can be a hard and long process. That’s why it makes even more sense to be effectively promoting your fundraiser in order to draw your desired crowd size and make your planning efforts worth it. In this post, we will provide you with 5 Tips to successfully promote your fundraiser. But first, it is important to understand the benefits of promotion.

Promoting your event properly creates huge advantages for your fundraiser, and for your organization/cause for future events. By promoting your fundraiser effectively, you are not only creating awareness for your event, but you are also spreading the message for your cause. Additionally, promoting your fundraiser can lead to an increased donor base, additional event attendees, and ultimately much higher proceeds for your fundraiser! Use our five tips below to help you when promoting your fundraiser, increase attendance, and ultimately increase your chances of giving a HUGE donation to your cause!

1. Build a Website for Your Event

Your website will be the homebase for all of your event promotion efforts. You can use it as a landing page when you promote on social media, and can even drive your potential attendees directly to a ticket purchase site like Eventbrite. And while you may be saying, “I don’t have the technical skills to build a website,” you need not look any further than some of the great mobile fundraising sites out there. Mobile and online fundraising sites will allow you to quickly and easily set up a webpage for your fundraiser, and will give you the tools to share out your fundraising message!

2. Use Social Media

Now that you have created your event website, it’s time to take advantage of social media. You can start by creating an Event on Facebook for your fundraiser. When sending out invitations, start with your core friends and family - they will join first so that when you extend invites to you entire network, more people are likely to join (or at least get serious FOMO!). Next, use your event page on Facebook to provide attendees with fun updates on your event, like describing the items that will be part of a raffle or silent auction to generate anticipation and excitement. Finally, post about your event on your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and have your friends do the same!

3. Sell Tickets

While the first two tips will certainly help promote your event, selling tickets will ensure you have attendees the night of your event, and will let you track your attendance. Using Eventbrite, you can create a simple page to sell tickets. From there, be sure to promote your Eventbrite link via social media (and on your event website)! One quick tip here - keep your attendees socially accountable by asking them to post about your event after purchasing their tickets. This will create even more awareness for your event and will convince more people to join in on the fun!

4. Work the Press!

Always use the media to your advantage. If you are working closely with a well-known charity, ask if they plan on issuing a press release for your event. A press release can be written by you or your charity and can be picked up in local newspapers, editorials, or even stories on the news. This means added exposure and attendance for your event!

5. Promote Your Venue

The venue for your event is a great tool to help draw in the crowds. By choosing a fun venue, more people will be likely to attend your fundraiser. Once you’ve finalized your event location, add it to your website, Eventbrite page, and social media pages. This will create some added hype around your event, especially if you can include some enticing photos! By following the tips above, you will be well on your way to hosting the most talked-about event of the season - and raising a ton of money in the process! Good Luck!

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