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Fundraising Blogs
Fundraising Blogs

Are you in the fundraising space but trying to get more actively involved? If so, a great place to start is with our list of the 7 Best Fundraising Blogs. This will give you a great intro into the latest dynamics and trends in fundraising so that you will be ready to fundraise yourself!

1. Future Fundraising Now

Curated by Jeff Brooks, Future Fundraising Now provides a series of short posts that are extremely insightful and to-the-point. Learn anything from how to improve your donor’s experience to how you can run a successful non-profit.

2. Agents of Good

Creator John Lepp does a great job of combining meaningful tips for fundraising with a perspective on marketing and creating a powerful brand. A great quote from a recent post of his sums it up - “if you are a charity, marketing is fundraising. Fundraising is marketing.”

3. The Agitator

Another great blog, with content related to all aspects of fundraising. Specifically, we find their posts on how to properly treat donors to be very compelling. They do charge a small fee for subscribing, but the content is well worth the investment.

4. 101 Fundraising

A self-proclaimed “crowdblog,” 101Fundraising is a blog for fundraisers, by fundraisers. One of our favorite posts here is their Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2015

5. Ignited Fundraising

Lori Jacobwith is a nationally known fundraising expert. Her methods and coaching have helped non-profits raise over $300 million - check her blog out to tap into some of her proven methods and insights.

6. Fundraising Detective

Craig Linton’s monthly Fundraising Reading Round-Up posts are helpful for readers looking for a one-stop location for fundraising tips and updates.

7. Bloomerang

We wrap the list up with Bloomerang’s blog - another great resource for all-around fundraising tips which also features helpful video posts.

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