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Feature Update: Inline Page Editor, Custom Disclaimers, SCA Compliance

August 2019 Feature Update

Ability to Configure Custom Event Disclaimer Requirements

We want to thank our amazing event hosts for suggesting this feature. You all asked, so we answered!

Gone are the days of having to muck up your beautiful Event Description with some legal jargon (yawn). If you have a Terms of Service or Disclaimer you would like to ensure that guests agree with before participating in your event, you can now add that right into the checkout process!

This will simplify both the event website experience and the checkout process for your guests, as well as give you the peace of mind in knowing that all guests have viewed and confirmed your requirements.

Checkout Disclaimer Setup in Accelevents

Checkout Disclaimer as Part of the Registration Process

New page builder for your event website

Out with the old, in with the new!

We’ve revamped the Event Website builder to make it more reflective of your site overall, and easier to navigate. The new inline editor allows you to make changes within your Admin Console, exactly how they will appear on your Event Website.

Now, to update any text, simply click and highlight where you would like to make a change and *poof!* your editing options will appear. Play around with the text formatting, add emojis and special characters, or even embed videos, tables, and links.

Edit your Event Website with just a click using our inline editor

Oh, you want to change up the images you say? Not a problem! Just click the image you would like to replace and upload the new one in its place.

Update Images with the Inline Editor

But why make these changes in the first place? We care about design. A lot. We also care about making things easier for you. Keeping those motivations in mind we knew that we could give you more power to customize your event page while also making the progress even easier! The new interface will allow users to make changes to your website in a format that better reflects how the changes will appear on your website.

New Layout for the Add Items Page to Speed Up Adding Items

When it comes to managing your auction or raffle items there is a lot of data to keep track of. With this in mind our user experience team took it upon themselves to make this process a little bit easier for you.

In our old interface, editing a specific item meant expanding its details from the main item list. This led to whole lot of scrolling. To simplify things, we’ve shifted the item list over to the side, with the item details popping up right where you need them. When you’re ready to move on, you can also easily toggle to the next item.

Updated Add Items page for Auctions & Raffles

SCA Compliance

While this update isn’t quite as fun and shiny as some of the others, it is possibly one of the most important! The recent adoption of the European Union’s Strong Customer Authentification (SCA) regulations is not something which we took lightly. Working with our credit card processing partner, Stripe, we have made all of the required changes to ensure compliance so that you platform can be used throughout the European Union.

We’re not going to bore you with a bunch of technical language, but just know that our product team worked long and hard on making sure that Accelevents was up to snuff on these regulations and that we are in full compliance. If you are curious to read more about this, please check out Stripe’s more in-depth description here.

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