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Be the Idiot Driver – Grabbing Your Donors’ Attention

Idiot Driver. donors' attention

Be that idiot driver – don’t be the idiot, but be that guy or gal that wakes people up out of that semi-conscious state they are in.”

This phrase particularly stood out during an interview Accelevents conducted with John Lepp, Partner at Agents of Good. Located throughout Canada in cities like Vancouver, BC, Ottawa, and Waterdown, John and his colleagues at Agents of Good utilize their expertise in the direct marketing space to help fundraisers.

An observation that John made of the current marketplace is that consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, asks, and other marketing stimuli.

Falling under this group of consumers, of course, is your donor base. And in order to get through to your donors, you must somehow grab (and hold on to) their attention.

Now, you may be asking – how can I grab and retain donors’ attention?

As John previously put it, Be the Idiot Driver. Here’s his full explanation:

“Consider the Idiot driver on the road – we drive around all the time and it only takes one jerk to come across three lanes of traffic, speeding up slowing down brake lights whatever – and everyone instantaneously is plugged into what this person is doing – because it’s snapping us out of that semi-conscious state we operate in just to protect ourselves from all of the inputs that are trying to get through to us.

While John urges us NOT to be idiots, he is encouraging fundraisers to grab their donors’ attention. Here John uses the phrase Surprise and Delight – meaning that we must surprise our donors in an opportunity to change their expectation about what they will hear and see from you.

Once you change this expectation, you will have your donors’ attention which in turn sets you up to keep their attention, build your relationship with donors, and show your gratitude in order to truly create something special for your fundraiser.

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