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While there are lots of different ways to learn the ins, the outs, and the latest trends in the event industry, listening to a podcast is probably one of the easiest and most entertaining ways to do it! In the last several years, podcasts have grown in popularity. This growth is most likely because podcasts offer listeners an alternative way to access and engage with other event professionals and industry experts. Instead of sitting down to read a book, blog, or news article, users can tune in and listen to their favorite hosts talk about recent trends, tidbits, and other interesting anecdotes.  If you are an event organizer, marketer, or entrepreneur, you know the value of a well organized and run event. Unfortunately, you don’t always have the time to scan dozens of blogs or attend events for inspiration. That’s where podcasters come in. With little to no effort on your end, you can tune in and gain new skills and insights at any time throughout your day! To help you grow your skills and stay up to date on all things related to the events industry, here are our 5 favorite podcasts that we think every event professional should listen to:

1. The Event Tech Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting and Will Curran of Endless Events, is your one-stop-shop for all things event tech. In this new age of virtual and hybrid events, event technology has become more important and is a necessary component in hosting a successful event. But, as with many tech spaces, understanding the finer points can be difficult. The Event Tech Podcast has you covered. Krueger, Curran, and their guests break down new event technologies and provide listeners with insights into how they can apply the latest event tech to their upcoming events. If you’ve ever wondered how technology is evolving the industry, and what this evolution means for you, this podcast is where you should start!

2. Event Industry News

For a podcast that covers a range of topics and perspectives from around the industry, tune in to the Event Industry News podcast. Expert guests cover everything from event management to event planning and industry news. This weekly podcast includes many tips and best practices for topics as diverse as managing keynote speakers to using artificial intelligence to improve marketing efforts. Each episode offers something interesting and valuable to any forward-thinking event professional. To this end, one recent episode discusses pushing the events industry towards environmental sustainability while another discusses how to manage stress in what we all know to be a stressful profession.

3. The EventLab Studios Show

This great podcast from the founders of EventLab Studios, Patrick and Carrier Antrim, has everything the smart and savvy event planner could want. EventLab Studios is a production studio for virtual events. This podcast enables hosts to share their behind the scenes knowledge and fill you in on everything you need to know about the virtual and live event space. Providing insights into event branding, event marketing, ticketing, creating valuable event content, and more, this podcast will help you move your events forward and attract an excited and engaged audience.

4. GatherGeeks

GatherGeeks is a podcast from the event marketer and planner resource hub, BizBash. Hosted by BizBash’s CEO David Adler, this informative podcast covers a wide range of event industry topics. From inclusivity to event design, Adler’s conversations with industry thought leaders leaves the listener with actionable tips and insights.If you are looking to innovate your event offerings or simply want to gather more information about planning and hosting a live or virtual event, there is sure to be a podcast episode with exactly what you are looking for!

5. Meeting Minds with Charles Eide

All event professionals should want to produce events that create the greatest audience experience possible, that’s where Meeting Minds with Charles Eide comes in! Through candid conversation with event professionals and industry leaders, Eide gives listeners insight and inspiration. Whether you want to learn more about engaging your audience, planning virtual events, or how to safely navigate the return to in-person events, Meeting Minds has the goods. Each episode in this podcast series touches on a wide range of event subjects from event meetings to conferences, venue types, event operations to content marketing, and social media strategies. The event industry is always changing, growing, and adapting to meet attendee needs and innovations in event technology. If event organizers and planners do not stay on top of these trends and changes, their events will become stale. Following one (or more!) of the above podcasts can help professionals grow their skills and position themselves as exciting and valuable industry leaders. When it comes to professional development, few things are easier. Simply download and learn!

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