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Feature Announcement: Multiple Auction Item Winners, Hidden Ticket Codes

September Feature Announcement

Our September feature announcements include new auction enhancements like having multiple winners per auction, as well as a new hidden code feature for event tickets.

1. Multiple Winners per Auction Item

With our new multiple auction winner functionality, you can allow for multiple winners for select silent auction items. Our feature will allow you to designate the number of winners that will be accepted per item (“top four bidders,” for example). You can learn more here.

2. Competitive Bidding Display Enhancements

In order to create more bidding wars and increase your event’s bid frequency, we’ve added new display functionality that will show the top bidders for each item on your auction item pages. This is a setting that can be turned on or off based on your preferences.

3. Access Codes for Hidden Ticket Types

Do you ever sell VIP or “hidden” tickets for select guests at your event? Using our new access code feature, you can create codes for select ticket buyers to unlock and access hidden ticket types.

4. Mobile Responsive Web Page Embedding

Our new web page embed enhancement means that your Accelevents pages can still be embedded in your own website and will be fully mobile responsive!

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