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Feature Announcement: Ticket Bundles, Site Traffic Analytics

August feature announcements

Our August feature announcements include ticketing enhancements around the types of tickets that you can sell through our platform, as well as upgraded analytics for your event.

1. Expanded Ticket Bundle Functionality

Event hosts can now create a variety of different ticket bundles for their event. Examples here include tables, sponsorship, or general ticket bundles. With this functionality, hosts can now easily create a ticket bundle, and specify the number of tickets that are associated with that order or grouping. Learn more on creating a ticket bundle here.

2. Set an “Online Only Event”

Event hosts that are organizing an online-only fundraising event can now specify this option while selecting the location of the event. No more struggling to assign a physical location to an online event!

3. Add Unpaid Tickets and Notes to Ticket Orders

As we have been constantly improving our event ticketing functionality, we’ve seen the need for hosts to add unpaid tickets for their events. With our unpaid tickets feature, hosts can now do just that – adding tickets without accepting payment at the time of the transaction. Upon check-in, staff will be alerted that they need to collect payment for the ticket. Additionally, hosts can now add notes to ticket orders to help them stay organized for their event!

4. Site Traffic Added to Event Analytics

Along with our enhanced event analytics, we are expanding on the data that will be available to event hosts regarding their Accelevents event page. Most recently, we have added the ability for hosts to see the site traffic coming to their event page on a daily basis.

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