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Feature Update: Streamlined Payment, Automated Numbering, & More

7/19 Feature Updates Banner

Automatic address lookup during checkout 

This one is for all our hosts outside of the USA! When entering the address of your event’s location, the address field will now automatically adjust based on your location, making it even easier for your guests to check out. More happy guests = more funds for your organization!

Streamlined payment collection for unpaid tickets

For ticket orders that you and your staff entered with the intention of collecting payment at the door, we’ve made it even easier to either collect or record payment during check-in. Our mobile app will now allow your staff and volunteers to process payments as a part of the guest check-in process. If a guest’s ticket indicates that it is unpaid, the app will prompt your volunteer to take card payment on the spot.

Staff App Check In Attendees Page with Unpaid Ticket

Staff App Checkout Page

Auto-assigned numbering for Ticket Holders

You asked, we developed. As of July, each Accelevents ticket holder can be issued a unique number upon purchase (ask an Accelevents team member to turn this on for you!). You can also set up custom sequences that allow you to create different groups (ex. gender, age, class, etc.). Perfect for bib numbers and full-guest list drawings, both you and your guests can identify themselves by number for easy organization. Find out how to set this up, by reading more here.

Extended bidding

We both know the drill. Auction time is running out and a few guests think they’ve outsmarted the system and that they’re just going to wait until the final moments, place their bid, and VOILA, the prize is theirs! Avoid any potential profit cut-offs and increase your fundraising efforts by enabling Extended Bidding. If you enabled extended bidding than those bidders will get a few more minutes to duke it out until someone folds. If this seems too good to be true, or you just like reading about our features, you can learn more about Extending Bidding here.

Example of Extended Bidding

Grouped Payouts

Larger organizations such as Universities, national nonprofits, and corporations often host hundreds of events per year. With the Grouped Payouts option you can configure a single Stripe payment processing account for all events within your organization. The proceeds from each event will be held until after the event concludes and then deposited to the connected bank account. The deposit in the bank account will reflect which event the deposit pertains to so that the proceeds of the event can be distributed appropriately. (Eg. A university no longer needs to distribute the Universities’ bank info to each event organizer setting up an event on campus.)

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