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Feature Update: Item Checkout Enhancements, My Tickets Redesign, & More!

february 2020 new features


Mass upload of discount codes

When planning an event, there are a multitude of reasons that you may need discount codes. We realize that there are a lot better ways to be spending your time as an event planner than tediously entering each code into the system, so we created the option to mass upload all your discount codes from a CSV file.

Whether you’re looking to create a discount based on membership codes that your potential attendees hold or if you’re working with a platform like Groupon, we’ve got you covered! Adding discount codes has never been so easy. 

For more information, please refer to our Knowledge Base article on the subject.

Redesign of My Tickets page

Events are all about creating experiences. We believe that should flow through to every part of our platform which is why we are constantly looking to enhance that experience for both the event organizer and guests.  After all, happy guests typically lead to a better event. One step we recently took towards that was giving the “My Tickets” page a new & easier to navigate look.

The new page makes it a snap to view & download your tickets, make an edit to an order, or even add your tickets to your Apple wallet. While these options were all previously available, our designers have reconfigured the page for easier navigation on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Support for recurring events added to mobile app

As more and more event organizers are taking advantage of our recurring event functionality to schedule shows at venues, workout classes, and more we knew it was time to upgrade our mobile app to support POS transactions for recurring events. We are also releasing an all-new iPad and tablet app with full box office functionality! Check back next month for the official release! 

Enhancements to item checkout page

The last thing event hosts need during auction checkout is more stress, which is why we’ve redesigned the Auction Checkout option on the Staff Page. The new enhancements make it a breeze to sort items by payment status and assist with customer checkout. 

Now, when you or a member of your team clicks on a specific winner, you will see a side pop-out menu showing all items won by that person, as well as options to collect payment, mark the item as a cash/check payment, and even mark the item as distributed.

This new design makes checkout assistance as simple and efficient as possible, giving you back more time to interact with your event guests!

New UI for Bidders & Winners pages for all fundraising modules

If you recall last month’s feature update, we gave the Add Items pages a makeover to not just improve the appearance of the pages, but also the ease of use. This month, we’ve expanded those enhancements to the Bidders & Winners, Donors, & Buyers & Winners pages. 

Event hosts can now view data from their fundraisers in a more clean & concise fashion, making it easier to find specific information. The new page layout ditches the data accordion from the previous design, & utilizes a side pull-out to keep things nice and neat. There’s enough chaos in the life of an event host as is!

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