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Anyone who has held a fundraiser in the past or is planning on doing so in the future knows that it can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. While the overall experience brings great joy and gratification from giving to a worthy cause, planning and running the event can be a headache. In order to make your fundraising event a lot easier (and more fun), we’ve created a few quick fundraising tips & tricks that will both make the process easier and will help you raise more money!

Fundraising Tips & Tricks: Pre-Event

1. Get the word out to ANYONE

Sure, your first instinct will be to tell your inner circle of friends and family about your upcoming fundraiser, but don’t be afraid to branch out. You will be surprised how willing most people are to help out a good cause - even if it may not mean they attend the actual event.

2. Socialize Your Event

Take advantage of social media wherever you can (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and don’t post only once - keep a consistent presence so that your event reaches as many eyes as possible. To increase your reach, have friends and family post on alternating days, ensuring that your message is getting out there.

3. Plan a Silent Auction or Raffle

While people love giving to a good cause, adding a little incentive always helps. Including a silent auction or raffle is an easy way to both boost your proceeds and attract more people to your event.

4. Create Visuals for Your Prizes

Going along with step three, be sure to include some sort of visual for the prizes at your silent auction or raffle. If you can’t have the physical prizes at your event, create simple printouts with the prize description, a photo, and the contributor.

5. Modernize Your Silent Auction or Raffle

While Silent Auctions and Raffles will boost your proceeds and provide incentive for your attendees, traditional formats can be a drag. Physical bid sheets and raffle tickets are tedious to fill out and track, and prize tables can easily be crowded. As a simple alternative, consider a mobile bidding system. These systems include all of your favorite qualities of an auction or raffle, without the hassles of traditional systems.

Fundraising Tips & Tricks: During Your Event

6. Make a Brief Announcement

While you may not love public speaking, a one or two minute speech can go a long way. Speaking at your event for a short time will help attendees connect more easily to the cause of your charity and will help personalize their donation. Don’t forget to thank everyone for attending!

7. Encourage Donations from People Outside of Your Event

While your attendees may be the main source of funds for your event, don’t be afraid to ask others outside of your event for donations. Using a mobile bidding system allows you to send a link out all of your friends so that they can bid on items and donate without having to attend your event.

8. Have Fun!

After spending a lot of timing planning your fundraiser, don’t forget to take a few minutes and enjoy yourself, while realizing that all your hard work will truly pay off by contributing to a worthy cause. We hope these fundraising tips were helpful!


We hope you found this list to be helpful in building a plan for your next fundraiser! For more tips, feel free to check out our list of favorite fundraising resources.

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