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Feature Updates: Enhanced SEO, Product Redesigns, & More!

January 2020 Feature Updates

Calendar widget added for recurring events and organizer pages

Make registering for any event a breeze with these two new options for event ticketing! 

When you’re hosting multiple events or a recurring event the calendar widget is perfect for allowing guests to see exactly which dates your events land on & register for the ones that best fit their schedule. This also provides an easy-to-navigate view of all your upcoming events in one place. 

The new organizer page creates a specific location where guests can view and engage with all the events you’re throwing. Think of it as your….Accelevents profile page (no need to add your relationship status here though). You can add information about your organization, the types of events you host, and even allow fans of your events to follow the page to receive updates about new events! This is a great way to share not just one event with your audience, but your entire lineup.

Enhancements for White Label Partners

Our white label clients are getting a few new updates this month as well!

Clients can now create “About Us” pages that allow guests to learn more about your organization, adding a personal touch to your event listing site and helping you to win over the hearts of local event organizers.  New marketing pages are also an option. These are perfect for selling your brand and appealing to the business instincts of those event hosts that have been won over by your About Us page!. 

While maybe not quite as fun or flashy, our white label clients can now add a privacy policy and/or terms of service page. Let your sellers know that they can trust you.

Numerous performance improvements

Events are stressful, our goal is to save you time and frustration. We spent time this month speeding everything up so that you can manage your event EVEN faster than before. However, we didn’t want to leave your patrons out to dry so we also made the event pages even faster! For example, the auction item list now loads 3x faster than before!

Redesigned Interface

New year, new look! We’ve updated the user interface in a few areas of our site. These changes were added to make things easier (& nicer looking) for both event hosts & participants. 

Some of the notable mentions:

  • We’ve redesigned the navigation menu, making it more streamlined & intuitive for our event organizers.
  • Just like we redesigned the mobile checkout, auction checkout now has a refreshed, clean appearance
  • The new & improved Item Lookup page makes finding the current standing of auction, raffle, & fund a need items a breeze

Stay tuned for some more exciting new user interface enhancements over the next few months!

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization using Structured Data and the Open Graph Protocol

What good is an event if potential guests can’t find it? Now, this gets a bit nerdy but we want to keep the geeks up to speed too. 

We’ve implemented the Open Graph Structured data protocol to automatically optimize every event page, organizer page, and event listing page for the best Search Engine Optimization and social sharing. The engineers don’t get as much social interaction as us on the customer success team but they do love to chat so let us know if you have any questions about how we optimize your event page for SEO and we will be sure to connect you with one of the propellerheads.

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