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Feature Announcement: Cart Abandonment, Add-ons, & More!

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In the never-ending quest to help make each event with Accelevents the most successful event our hosts have ever thrown, we want to ensure that they’re selling more tickets than ever before. Insert cart abandonment here.

Now, when a potential guest comes to an event site, begins to register, but leaves the site before completing registration, they will receive an email 30 minutes later reminding them to finish checking out where they left off.   On average, 68% of e-commerce transactions are abandoned before being completed. Industry data suggests that cart abandonment technology can recapture about 5% of those who did not finish checking out the first time. Recapturing these buyers can lead to a huge boost in your bottom line! We just launched this feature and have already seen This can be a great way to boost sales by leveraging the human traits of indecisiveness & impulsivity (FOMO became an acronym for a reason)

We aren’t going to let your event become the one that got away!

Venue Maximum Capacity

Often when planning an event, the host knows the maximum number of guests they can accommodate but aren’t as clear on how that number will break down by ticket type. To make ticket sales even easier, we’ve now added the ability for hosts to set the maximum venue capacity. A common example of this is a venue or event that has adult and child pricing for tickets. 

This new feature will automatically mark the event as Sold Out when the maximum capacity is hit, regardless of the ticket types sold. No matter the distribution of ticket sales, all ticket types will be marked as sold out, making it easy to manage sales & give you one less thing to worry about!

Add Ons

Ready to make even more money? This month we released our much-awaited Add-Ons option for our event ticketing module. When setting up tickets for your event, you can now add any additional items for purchase like t-shirts, drink coupons, or reusable cups. By setting up these items as add-ons they will be displayed as an up-sell to your ticket buyers so that there is no confusion during registration.

Sales Tax

To continue our mission of helping ALL event hosts have their best event yet, we’ve added the option to add sales tax to event tickets. Some states and countries legally require sales tax to be paid on event tickets (if you are unsure if this applies to you, please consult your tax advisor), and now we’ve made it as easy as clicking a button!

For more information on adding sales tax to your event tickets, visit our Knowledge Base article on how to set it up!

Box Office App for iPad

We also miss attending shows at the local venue and seeing our favorite performers. Over the past few months, we have been working on enhancing our ticketing and venue management tools. Our all-new Accelevents iPad Box Office makes selling in-person tickets, as easy as a few taps of your finger!

Once the app is installed on a device, your box office staff can access all of their events to easily sell tickets (and the new add-ons!) for credit or cash & have all information from those walk-up customers stored right in the system with everyone who registered online. No need to merge lists at the end of the event & puzzle piece your data together- everything is already done for you!

New Set-Up Tickets Page

If you’ve read any of our other feature updates, you know we’ve been in the process of giving all of our modules some updates, or as we can now officially call it, spring cleaning! The most recent page to get this treatment has been the Set Up Tickets page. 

A new side menu has replaced the Settings accordion, making it easier to toggle between ticket types & adjust settings. The update also includes some minor changes like a cleaner, more modern UX.

The biggest update to the Set Up Tickets page is the option to create nested ticket types. Now, when setting up your event, you can create subcategories to your ticket type, like a child or adult option. This helps to keep things both clean & concise both in the admin console & on the registration page.

Events are evolving. Never miss a beat.

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