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Feature Updates: Donation Page Enhancement & PDF-less Tickets

Enhanced Donation Page Functionality

When it’s time to bring in donations, it’s important to engage with your donors. You want them to feel connected to your cause. For that reason, we’ve tweaked the appearance of our Text to Give & Donation Goal Pages. You now have the option to add a custom image to the background of the screen you use for your live call to donate.
By adding your own images, you can personalize your donation page to your cause. Tug at the heartstrings of your donors and watch the donations fly in!

To recognize those donors, we also have added a scrolling list of donor names on your online donation page. This a great way to thank donors for their contributions while kicking off their competitive spirit to match their friends or be the largest donor in the room.

Keep your eyes peeled for other exciting changes like a custom donation tracker shape. You’ll be able to encourage your donors to “fill the heart” or any other shape by donation!

the new donation page allows users to add images

New Ways to View Items

To make auction participation even easier, we’ve added a new Slideshow view to our Views options for display at your event. This option will include a large image, full description, name, and bidding information for each auction item, moving through items automatically. Even if a guest hasn’t had a chance to stop by your auction table yet, an item can catch their eye from across the venue!

Gone are the days of guests browsing the item list or table and possibly missing the perfect item for them to bid on. Blow it up 10 feet tall and they won’t be able to miss it!

showcase all of your items with the new slideshow view

New PDF-less Ticket Types

While in most cases, having a PDF ticket sent alongside your guests’ confirmation emails is helpful, there may be situations that don’t warrant sending a ticket. This option is perfect for those events with a Will Call box office or ticket pick-up. It also is an easy way to create ticket add-ons like a t-shirt or game vouchers! We’ve now made it possible to remove the PDF from a ticket type, for those special cases.

users can now choose whether to include a PDF download with tickets

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