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Organizing the Perfect Fundraiser

Organizing the Perfect Fundraiser

Organizing the Perfect Fundraiser

Walkthrough a city at lunchtime or take note of the advertisements on TV at various intervals during your favorite shows and you’ll be bombarded with numerous charities and non-profit organizations asking you to donate to their respective causes. The genuine nature of these causes is almost always beyond question, but if you were to donate blindly to all of them, you wouldn’t have much of your own income left over, so it’s a case of picking and choosing the groups you feel are most worthy of donation.

Burning Nights, itself a registered charity in the UK, created this infographic guide to organizing your next fundraiser so that you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of attracting donations. Charities sometimes fail to provide transparency as to the consequences of their donations, which could lead donors to think that they were tricked into giving. People are also deterred by charities who only highlight the plight of their cause rather than communicating messages of hope, i.e. that because of X amount of donations, Y people’s lives have changed for the better.

Successful fundraising is inextricably linked with the personality traits of the people involved in your fundraiser. The principal aim is to convey positivity towards potential donors; shooting them a smile will at least give you a chance of getting them to pay you attention. Once they’ve stopped to hear what you’ve got to say, it’s them about striking a balance between persistence and respect – do all you can to convince them to donate, but don’t pester them if they’ve made it patently clear that they have no interest in donating. If you ask someone for a donation and they start getting angry, don’t respond in kind. Just tell them ‘OK Sir/Madam’ and focus your efforts on the next possible donor, even though a part of you may feel like standing up to them for being so needlessly rude towards you.

If you judge people’s responses correctly, clearly communicate to them what their donations could do, and speak with clarity and honesty, your chances of signing up new donors for your fundraiser increase drastically.

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