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Case Study: Payoneer 24hr Global Virtual Summit

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The First 24-Hour Virtual Event On Accelevents

Payoneer is a digital payment platform that empowers businesses around the world to conduct business globally as easily as they do locally. In October, they held a 24-hour long virtual summit for their customers worldwide to learn the latest trends and get the best advice on how to scale their digital businesses. Providing 24 hours of programming to a worldwide audience was an ambitious task, but the event was a success thanks to their hard-working team and the Accelevents platform!Rachel Fertel, Global Events Manager for Payoneer, is typically busy with a full schedule of in-person events. When the pandemic hit, she knew they still had to find a way to bring the Payoneer community together. “Keeping in touch with our customers is very important to us and is deeply embedded in our company’s values so we had to find a way to connect virtually instead,” she said.


Rachel and her team had a vision to host a 24-hour virtual event, among others, and needed to find the right platform that could combine everything they were looking for. The ideal platform needed to: accommodate all time zones and countries, provide multiple streaming options, support multiple languages, be mobile friendly, AND handle all aspects of the event coordination. Accelevents checked all those boxes, so they signed up and started building their event!

“This was our first time organizing such an event and we were a little nervous about how the platform would handle the load but we were pleased to see that things went smoothly,” said Fertel. “We had thousands of attendees tune in from over 140 countries around the world.”

“We really liked the virtual networking functionality,” she continued. “It gave participants the chance to network with anyone and everyone by being randomly allocated another participant, but without any awkwardness. It was a really fun way to let attendees connect (the way they would at offline events) and find out a little about the other participants with the option of following up with them after the timer had ended. ”Rachel said she was happy she chose Accelevents not just because of the platform, but the customer support team was always quick with an answer and willing to make changes and updates based on their needs. In the end, their exhibitors collected over 1,200 leads throughout the day, and attendees of the platform made over 3,000 connections via the networking function!

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