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Last month, Accelevents made a call for submissions for the Nonprofit Tech Carnival, asking for feedback on the best event fundraising software. The response we received was amazing!Below, you will find the submissions we received, each outlining its own unique perspective on event fundraising software and how / when to use it. And if you're looking for even more great fundraising resources, you can check out our list of favorites here. Enjoy!

1. Qgiv

Event Management Software: 5 Tips to Find the Right Solution

This blog article is filled with 5 actionable tips to help new buyers better understand which event management software is best for their organization and how they can capitalize on their decision for better fundraising. Check out a sneak preview of the tips below:

  1. Determine which event management features you need.
  2. Plan your search around your budget.
  3. Look for software that works with your CRM.
  4. Anticipate the types of events you’ll plan (and how many).
  5. Know how much training and support your vendor provides.

2. MobileCause

Fundraising Software: The Buyer’s Guide for Nonprofits

When it comes to purchasing event software, you have to know your nonprofit’s needs. This guide walks you through things to consider before purchasing software. As the article notes, "Whether you are a charity, church, university, nonprofit organization, political group, socially responsible corporation, or philanthropist, there are many benefits that a fundraising software has to offer."

3. Social Fish

Purchasing Fundraising Software: A Small Shop’s Guide

In order to ensure that nonprofits are selecting the best fundraising software for their organization, this collection of tips touches on four points to consider when deciding:

  1. Choose a software that will be the best size and fit for your nonprofit’s needs.
  2. Select a software that can be easily integrated with other needed platforms.
  3. Buy a software that fits into your organization’s budget.
  4. Choose a package that offers comprehensive training and IT support.

And as the folks at Social Fish says, "It’s essential that you choose a program that will help your organization prosper as it continues to expand."

4. Fonteva

Salesforce Event Management: The Essential Guide

Taking on a somewhat different perspective, this article from Fonteva was written to cover the ins and outs of Salesforce event management. It takes a careful look at things from the technical, sometimes confusing, but nonetheless important event planning side of things.

5. DonorSearch

Top 10 Fundraising Event Software Every Nonprofit Should Know

Not sure which event software is the right one for your organization? DonorSearch's list offers a who's who in the event fundraising software space, outlining 10 useful fundraising software providers.That concludes this month’s Fundraising Strategies and Nonprofit Tech Carnival. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements. You can even reach out to Taylor Gibbs to learn more about participating or hosting just like we did.

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