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7 Ideas for a Virtual New Year’s Eve Event

featured image - 7 Ideas for a Virtual New Year’s Eve Event

No doubt about it, 2020 has been quite the year. Surely we are all anxious to see it end. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to completely disappear with the ball drop—meaning New Year’s Eve celebrations will have to look a little different this year.

Just because you cannot gather with others in a crowded venue to belt out the opening verse of Auld Lang Syne, it doesn’t mean that you can’t host a proper New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve is a massive revenue generator for bars, restaurants, event venues, and even brands. To avoid losing that income and as a way of connecting with patrons, fans, and community members, these organizations can host a New Year’s Eve event in a virtual format. 

Virtual events have become the norm for so many of us this year so why should it be any different during the holiday season?

Here are just a few really great ideas for venues and event planners looking to host a killer virtual party!

7 Ideas for a Virtual New Year’s Eve Event

Virtual Tasting

One way to bring people together over a common theme is to host a virtual tasting party. Some clever establishments across the country have done virtual wine and cheese tastings or craft beer and food pairings. Why not do this for a virtual party on New Year’s Eve?

You can make this an educational experience and spread the tastings out throughout the evening or you can make it a small portion of a larger party, kicking off the tasting around midnight. Maybe a champagne toast and delightful food pairing is the perfect way to cap the night. 

With each invitation, send a list of items to purchase in advance. Or, and this is the “better” option, send a package to each attendee with everything they will need for the night. This includes custom cocktail ingredients, champagne, and any snacks that will be paired with those drinks. Sending attendees everything they need to participate will increase the appeal of your event and boost potential ticket sales. 

Virtual Cooking Class

2020 is the year we were all stuck at home and the year most of us decided to learn a new hobby or skill. Why not take that learning all the way into the new year with a virtual New Year’s Eve cooking class?

Again, send guests a shopping list in advance or package ingredients together and ship them right to their door. 

For bars and restaurants, this is the perfect way to celebrate your brand and thank your patrons for the support during such a difficult time. Get your head chef involved and have them demonstrate how to make a fun and flavorful dish. 

While preparing and consuming food is a true connector at in-person events, doing so in a digital format can be an excellent way to foster engagement and social interaction, giving people a little bit of joy and togetherness in what has been a complicated time. 

Virtual Game Night

Do you know what is fun? Games. Games are fun. Hosting a virtual game night for New Year’s Eve is an attractive prospect for a friendly participatory experience. 

You can use a virtual event platform with a meeting room option to host multiple games at the same time. From board games to trivia to a virtual escape room or scavenger hunt, the options are nearly endless. 

Another special (and FUN!) idea is to host a virtual murder mystery party. This will require planning as you’ll have to assign roles, build your plot, and send props to attendees but the payoff will be more than worth it. 

Don’t forget to put together prizes for your attendees. You can offer prize packages related to your brands but also partner with other local businesses to put together a prize package that will get people really excited to play!

Virtual Craft Party

Over the last few years, Paint Nights have become extremely popular in local bars and restaurants. Take this concept online with a virtual craft party. 

Send all participants a box of supplies or send a shopping list. Be sure to make the craft supplies affordable so all people feel welcome and able to participate. 

You can run the craft night as a stand-alone event or roll it into a larger theme. For example, you can host a New Year’s Eve masquerade party where everyone makes and decorates their own masks.

Virtual Black Tie Party

Nothing says “New Year’s Eve” like a big, blowout party. And just because we can’t go out this year, it does not mean that people do not want to dress up for their celebrations. 

Host a swanky virtual affair complete with a black tie ‘dress code’ and live entertainment. Plan an event itinerary, complete with live music or a DJ so people can turn up the volume and party with their home bubble and other virtual attendees. 

If black tie isn’t your scene, consider some other type of theme. Maybe a white party or something similar that allows guests to feel like they’ve spent a night on the town without even leaving the house. 

Make use of live streaming video features included with your virtual event platform to stream the entertainment and enable live chat features so attendees can communicate with one another. Consider having an emcee or host that ties all the event features and sessions together. 

Fill your physical venue with decorations and consider sending some to your ticket holders as well. A party hat or balloons are a good idea. This will allow attendees to have their own balloon drop and, again, will make them feel like they were at a party.  Consider sending a small bottle of bubbly so you can have a group toast when the countdown is completed!

Virtual Yoga Night

To call 2020 stressful would be an understatement. For many, New Year’s Eve may be the perfect time to relax and calm the nerves. But just because someone is looking for the perfect night in, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t mind a little company. 

A virtual yoga class, meditation session, or even fitness class is an appealing way to check-in and let go. 

It has been a year of loss and a year of deep worry. The opportunity to collectively breathe and share with one another is important. Despite the complications the coronavirus and 2020 have brought, there are still many reasons to be grateful and to look forward. Foster this attitude with a calmer New Year’s Eve event. 

If you’d like to add a little more fun to the mix, consider bringing in a tarot card reader or a fortune teller to lighten the mood and encourage attendees to start moving towards a better, brighter, future. 

New Year’s resolutions are an important tradition for many, so why not help people jump start the process by giving them a chance to look within themselves for their true desires?

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