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Fundraisers have been around for a while –  There aren’t many people that haven’t attended some kind of fundraising event in the past year. So why are fundraising methods so outdated? We’re not talking about the idea of fundraising; but instead, the means that are used to raise proceeds. Take raffles and silent auctions, for example. These formats have not been changed, and are very manual in nature. For raffles, participants need to manually fill out each of their tickets, keep track of them during the event, and look through each number as prizes are called. Silent auctions are not much better, forcing participants to fill out paper bid sheets and constantly check the prize table to see if they have been outbid. The bottom line is that these methods are outdated, tedious, and take away from the fun of your event by distracting your attendees. So what is the solution? Modern fundraising!How can raffles and silent auctions be modernized, and what are the benefits of modern fundraising? One of the most effective ways to transition to modern fundraising is to consider a mobile fundraising solution. Mobile fundraising provides huge opportunities to create an engaging experience for your donors, increase your proceeds, and modernize fundraising for your cause! See our list below for a quick summary:

1. Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding is one of the most effective methods to practice modern fundraising. Rather than bidding at a physical location or prize table at your fundraising event, mobile bidding allows participants to purchase and submit bids or purchase raffle tickets from their phones or online. No time is wasted filling out tickets or bid sheets, giving your donors more time to enjoy your fundraiser.

2. Instant Notifications

These are sent to participants the second they are outbid (for silent auctions) or when they have won the raffle or silent auction prize that they bid on. Instant notifications create a sense of competition that will also result in higher bid frequency and increased proceeds. More importantly, your donors will not have to drop everything they are doing to submit bids or purchase raffle tickets during your fundraiser!

3. Participate From Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of modern fundraising is that your participants will no longer be confined to your event venue. Instead, anyone can purchase raffle tickets or submit silent auction bids, as long as they have cell phone service or an internet connection. The result? A larger donor base, and higher proceeds for your cause.

In summary, by mobilizing your raffle or silent auction and modernizing your fundraiser, you are making it A LOT easier for your attendees to participate – this means a more enjoyable event, and higher proceeds for the charity that you are supporting!

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