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How Winkler Livecom Hosted A Successful Hybrid Event in a Tunnel with Accelevents


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Winkler Livecom AG, one of Switzerland’s largest event technology providers, teamed up with Accelevents in June 2021 to produce Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival, an extraordinary day-long hybrid event in an actual tunnel! 

The Goal: Finding An Event Management Solution for An Underground Event

The festival celebrated 50 years of the Hagerbach Test Gallery, a large underground test environment with numerous tunnels, caverns, experimental fields, laboratories, seminar rooms, and event spaces.

Due to pandemic restrictions, in-person attendance for “Hagerbach NXT 50” was limited to 300 people. In order to provide a global audience the opportunity to look into the fascinating underground world of the Hagerbach Test Gallery, Winkler Livecom needed an intuitive event platform that could handle the complexity of their hybrid event. The most important aspect for Winkler Livecom was to achieve as close to a live experience as possible for their virtual attendees. 

Therefore, they placed an emphasis on the following components when choosing a hybrid event platform:

  • Interaction between speakers and attendees
  • Networking between attendees
  • The ability for attendees to “explore” the event at their leisure

 “Don’t think that an online event offers fewer opportunities than a live event. With a little imagination, you can create something fascinating. Your event is accessible worldwide with just a few clicks!”


Damir Markotic

Winkler Livecom

The Accelevents Solution: Creating a Custom Event Venue

Upon careful consideration and due diligence, Accelevents proved to be the perfect solution to host Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival.

The 15-hour event featured:

  • Live demonstrations directly from the galleries
  • Exciting lectures and round-table discussions about existing and newly planned projects
  • Up to 8 simultaneous sessions were live-streamed from 17 different locations on-site.

In addition to viewing live sessions, attendees could network via 1:1 chat and video meetups. They also had the freedom to “walk around” the Expo Hall and visit exhibitor booths where they could chat with booth representatives, download materials, and watch videos to learn more about the exhibitors.

Check out a few images from the hybrid event, including the Accelevents platform in action below.

Winkler Hybrid Event

Winkler Live Streaming

Winkler Event live demonstrations

live demos Winkler event case study

live networking Winkler case study


Results: Stats Beyond Expectations

Highlights of Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival include: 

  • 300 in-person attendees
  • 1,000 virtual attendees 
  • 33 live-streamed sessions
  • 14 exhibitors with more than 500 leads collected

 “The team is extremely friendly, maximally flexible and helps at any time of the day. Working with such a partner is really a joy!”


Damir Markotic

Winkler Livecom


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