Case Study:
UnMask Cancer

“Un” Gala Provides Refreshing
Take On Fundraising

UnMask Cancer Event Uses Mobile Fundraising Platform to Run Silent Auction & Raffle

The Customer:

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a world-renowned cancer research and treatment center, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Since its founding in 1947, the organization has been committed to providing cancer patients of all ages with the best treatment available today while developing tomorrow’s cures through cutting-edge research.

The UnMask Cancer Committee is the heart behind the success of the UnMask Cancer Fundraiser. Consisting of Boston and New York-area professionals, the team has worked diligently for the past two years to play their role in the fight against cancer.

The Fundraiser: 2nd Annual UnMask Cancer Fundraiser at District Hall

The Challenge

The Dana-Farber Special Events Team and the UnMask Cancer Committee set out to provide a modern and unique fundraising experience for its guests in order to create an unforgettable event, a lasting relationship with the event’s attendees, and a hefty donation to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. With an audience of young professionals, the biggest challenge was to find a unique way to engage donors and get them excited about donating to a great cause.

The Solution

Realizing the importance of providing attendees with a modern and exciting way to submit donations at their event, the committee partnered with Accelevents to facilitate a mobile silent auction and raffle. Combined with the event’s innovative and modern themes, decor, and entertainment, the Accelevents platform aimed to provide the UnMask Cancer team with a significant boost in proceeds.

This technology modernized our typical auction layout, taking out the handwritten bidding process, and appealed to our targeted demographic for the evening.

-Carly Reichelt

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Creating a Modern Experience

Intent on providing their demanding audience of young professionals with a completely non-traditional fundraiser, the UnMask Committee created something they called an “Un” Gala. This meant doing without traditional attire, a sit-down dinner, or a speaking program, and instead focusing on a modern atmosphere and a mobile fundraising platform to create lasting memories for their guests. Some of the major elements of the event included:


UnMask Cancer was held in the eye-catching venue of District Hall in the Seaport district of Boston.

Food & Drink

The UnMask committee continued their modern theme by serving a raw bar, rock-candy Champagne, and a full bar provided by a popular Brewery, Winery and Distillery based in Nantucket, Cape Cod.

Attire and Decor

The event’s masquerade attire combined with a theme of “Illumination” to create a fun atmosphere full of exciting outfits, neon-colored lighting, and exciting paintings and chalk drawings throughout the venue.


Rather than including an hours-long speaking program, UnMask Cancer featured a DJ, Dancefloor, electric violinist, and even a glow-in-the-dark dance crew.


Creating an unforgettable atmosphere is a feat of its own, but without innovative fundraising tools, even the best events will fail to achieve their most important goal – supporting their cause.

Needing something different from the traditional paper silent auction and raffles found at most fundraisers today, the UnMask Committee partnered with Accelevents to take their fundraising up a notch.

With a focus on online and text message-based fundraising, Accelevents’ modern approach was a perfect match for UnMask Cancer. Accelevents’ fundraising expertise allowed the team to deliver an unforgettable fundraising experience to the event’s guests through a mobile raffle and silent auction.

The Result

The 2nd Annual UnMask Cancer Fundraiser truly delivered a modern and unforgettable experience for its guests, and was an overwhelming success.

From the event setup to its innovative partnership with Accelevents, the Committee’s willingness to push the limits of traditional fundraising resulted in an unforgettable night. Using the Accelevents’ platform helped the committee capture the attention of their audience, and provided guests with an exciting and engaging donation method.

Total Contribution


The Accelevents Platform allowed guests to buy virtual raffle tickets on their phones, and submit raffle purchases online and via text message.

Silent Auctions

Accelevents allowed the UnMask committee to avoid the hassles of traditional silent auctions (bid sheets, crowded prize tables, etc.), and instead provided an engaging experience to donors. Guests could submit their bids online or directly on their phones, and were immediately notified if they had been outbid, leading to higher bid frequency than a traditional silent auction could have offered.

In addition to a truly unique bidding system, Accelevents provided the UnMask team with an easy-to-use dashboard for fundraiser setup and results tracking. A display page for guests to view throughout the venue showed real-time updates of proceeds raised, and a countdown until the end of the event. Because Accelevents is an online platform, the UnMask committee was even able to promote their silent auction and raffle a week before the actual event took place, allowing the team to engage their broader audience and collect increased donations.

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