Saf Spirits bricks

Lot of 9 SafSpirit bricks (3 of each):

  • SafSpirit D-53
  • SafSpirit M1
  • SSafSpirit USW -6

Spirits Range information: https://fermentis.com/en/fermentation-solutions/you-create-spirits/

SafSpirit Video: https://youtu.be/Dbg5kynDBe0


Fermentis is a dynamic unit of Lesaffre Group, a key, global player in yeast and fermentation for over 165 years. We are an expert in the art of fermentation and a leading supplier for the beer, wine, and spirits industries.

We are passionate about working and innovating in the distilling field, whether assisting and inspiring smaller distilleries or industrial distilleries. Our customers rely on us for yeasts and technical solutions that help them be more creative and successful.

Explore our wide range of products and educational tools that can help you enhance the flavors, aromas and pure enjoyment of your spirits.

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