High-Proof Creative

High-Proof Creative

Brand Identity Workshop with High-Proof Creative

You spent a ton of time and energy developing your product. Now, High-Proof Creative can help you hone your brand identity. Your brand identity goes beyond your logo and the well-written copy on your website. Brand identity is your business at its core. It's planned and consistent, and it allows you to grow a deeper relationship with customers. In this workshop, High-Proof Creative will help you align your purpose and values, and we will even help you choose an archetype personality for your brand. Will your brand be The Outlaw — a brand that breaks the rules and fights authority? Or, will your brand be The Explorer — an exciting, risk-taking, and authentic brand? This workshop is excellent for new brands and established companies looking to connect with customers and get their products in front of new audiences. 

Brand Workshop Exercises: 

  • Exercise 1: Establishing your brand purpose  
  • Exercise 2: Establishing your brand values  
  • Exercise 3: Establishing your brand personality (Which brand archetype should you adapt consistently?) 
  • Exercise 4: Establishing a brand story or founder story, and which one is best for your brand 

    At the end of the workshop, you will gain a better understanding of how to position your brand, your brand personality, and how to communicate with customers. 

    We deliver a beautifully designed brand guidebook for your team to utilize in future marketing. 

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