Eco Monobloc Closures

Monobloc – ECO


Estimated Value: $1,500 of Monobloc -ECO closures *this amount includes the transport

Supercap ECO® is the answer to the environmental issues of our time that Supercap and our clients had been looking for: in fact the polyethylene used to produce it, is entirely natural, green and recyclable.

The foundation of this sustainable solution comes from the sugar cane life cycle, from which Bio-PE is extracted.

During the photosynthesis, the sugar cane absorbs a higher quantity of CO2 than the CO2 produced during the entire manufacturing process.

Each ton of Supercap E|C|O® produced can capture up to 2.78 tons of CO2, thus reducing the harmful greenhouse gases!


Evolution passes through the courage of passionate minds.

Supercap was born in 1999, from the idea of creating a company which thanks to the creativity of its research and development department, would produce quality closures capable of preserving and protecting all the organoleptic properties of each product, whether it is distillate spirit, oil , vinegar or wine.

Supercap has been able to extend its sales network from Europe to North and South America and now we are successfully cooperating with some of the most important brands worldwide.

We are present in the United States with a great sales network of partners and agents, thus being able to help you choosing the best stopper for your spirits.

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