Zenelia Roiz


Oil on Canvas

20¨ x 11¨




1971- Nicaragua

Her paintings jump off the canvas. They are thick with texture, sculpted and vibrant in color. She says, “I am not a confrontational person but, in my painting, I like to be aggressive.” Early on her work she focused on nature.

Her “volcano” series brings the magic of these explosive giants to life. She says about her work: “I love strength. Everything that I have repressed in myself I throw at the canvas.”

I share and accompany individual and group processes that explore different creative means, shaping the interior, transformed through self-knowledge and emotional expression.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2015 Los Inseparables (The Inseparables). Galería Teatro Justo Rufino Garay.  Managua, Nicaragua
  • 2014 Volcánica (Volcanic). Galería PAC
  • 2013 Respirar (Breathing). Galería Teatro Rufino Garay.  Managua, Nicaragua.
  • 2011 Inhalar, Exhalar, Respirar (Inhale, Exhale, Breathe). Galería Casa de los Tres Mundos. Granada, Nicaragua
  • 2010 Oxígeno Desnudo (Nude Oxigen).  Galería CODICE. Managua, Nicaragua
  • 2003 Ángeles del Agua (Water Angels). Galería CODICE. Managua, Nicaragua
  • 2001 La Flor Más Linda de Mi Querer (The most beautiful flower of my love).         CODICE Gallery. Managua, Nicaragua                                                            
  • 2000 personajes del Siglo XX (personalities of the XX Century). Galería CODICE. Managua, Nicaragua


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