Otoño Dorado

Berta Marenco

Otoño Dorado

Acrylic on Canvas

48¨x 39¨



1949- Granada, Nicaragua

The work of Berta Marenco is a triumph of color over form that launches us on a voyage of abstract imaginations. The expressive colorizations are ripe with emotion.

Berta points to Uruguayan man of letters - Eduardo Galeano - as her mentor and friend. Someone who influenced her work.

“Eduardo” she says, “was a great defender of the truth. He taught me not to lie in my work, not to copy. To express the beauty of the truth. Each of us is a separate soul, a soul that has eyes and those eyes are what is being projected.”


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019- ZK Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA.
  • 2018- “YO PERSIGO UNA FORMA” (I Follow a Shape) Salón de los Cristales Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Managua Nicaragua
  • 2016- “ECOS DE MI MEMORIA” (Echoes of my memory) CODICE Gallery, Managua Nicaragua


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