Portal Dimensional

María Eugenia Lacayo

Portal Dimensional

Aluminum, acrylic and resin

29¨x 24¨


MARIU F. LACAYO (Maria Eugenia Lacayo)

1961- Managua, Nicaragua

In models based on quantum physics, which I research and represent through acrylic and oil painting and thread weaving, infinite oceans fluctuate forming “branes”, membranes molded by vibrating strings. I imagine that each universe is a geometric form that inflates or stretches strings in our ever-expanding universe. Similarly, fragments of memory threads make us believe one thing or another, in that way we can choose in which universe we live in, weaving our own "brane". Alike our mind, my brush slips on the oil or acrylic colors choosing its way through canvas, sanded or sprayed, formulating a new light or shade, which defines what we perceive as our mental universes. After painting the environmental aspect of my “brane,” I weave over it a hyperspace of mental multi-dimensions, my own string theory.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2015 Curators Voice, Miami, FL. U.S.A.
  • 2013: Gallery 123, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • 2012: Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture, INCH, Managua Nicaragua
  • 2005: Magical Textures at Pinacoteca, Banco Central de Nicaragua, Managua.
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