María Reneé Pérez


Wood Sculpture Constructivisim

38¨x 12¨



1945. Nicaragua

“We live in consumer mode discarding things that are wood for things that are plastic.”

Maria Renee is characterized in the artistic scene for her figurative abstract technique which she made her own as a result of her experimental vision and years of education.

Maria Renee’s 20-year career as an artist began with a desire to be an architect but the death of her parents in quick succession of each other left her in charge of raising her 2 younger siblings. Over the years, she held a string of jobs as a receptionist, a secretary, a cashier while putting herself through night school.

To make her art, Maria Renee, worked with leftover pieces of wood collected from her tour of wood shops in Managua. That went on to include using broken pieces of glass, metal, beads, left over furniture — anything she felt needed rescuing.

Her interest in architecture remains strong and finds expression in her paintings where she explores the graphic power of urban plans and city escapes rendering them in vibrant blocks of color.


  • Instituto Nicaraguense de Cultura Hispanica
  • Centro Pablo Antonio Cuadra
  • Galeria Rancho Santan curated by Ford Fine Art
  • Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario
  • CODICE Gallery
  • 23 Belgrave Square, Embassy of Germany in London.


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