El Jardin de Invierno (The Winter Garden) by Sagrario Chamorro

Sagrario Chamorro is a Nicaraguan artist who studied Sociology in New York State, and years later fot a second degree in Painting at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. 

She expresses:

"To paint for me is work that belongs to the intellect;
it is to see always with new eyes; 
to recognize the particular that creates the whole;
to be surprised by it.

Sometimes I need to go very slow,
and other times to have hot blood and paint very rapidly.

I aim to stop before the painting is closed, yet
nothing is lacking… it is complete by form, color and it is bold, 
not because an amount of labor but rather sequence of conscious decisions."

About the Painting

Oil over Linen

99 x 87.5 cm


Painting generously donated by Sagrario Chamorro Argeñal

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