Event Promotion

How to Build a Killer Event Website

2019-04-09T08:24:41-04:00March 21st, 2019|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing|

Organizing a successful event is no small feat. Having to sell tickets to your event on top of that can make the process even more challenging. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our top tips to build an effective event website. Having an effective event website will not only attract [...]

8 Ways to Improve Event Communication On-site

2019-01-08T23:07:02-04:00January 8th, 2019|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing|

Those of us who have hosted events of any kind know that things may not always go exactly as planned during the actual event. The best way to be ready for any unplanned changes is to have a strong event communication plan in place, both internally and externally (guest-facing). While we’ve written about event communication [...]

Helpful Event Planning Tips

2018-10-14T17:04:24-04:00October 14th, 2018|Event Promotion, Fundraising|

If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know how much time, planning and effort is required to ensure success. But sometimes it’s best to take some advice from the pros. To help you do just that, we’ve talked with some of the best event managers in the country and asked them to provide their [...]

22 Ways to Promote Your Event

2018-12-04T23:23:13-04:00July 15th, 2018|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing, Fundraising|

You’ve put hours of effort and dedication into creating an exciting and engaging event. With all the pieces in place, you have one major task left...promoting your event in order to ensure early and sustained interest. To help you accomplish this task, we’ve put together a list of 22 ways to promote your event. [...]

How to Create Fundraiser Invites Sponsors Won’t Be Able to Resist!

2019-03-26T22:57:01-04:00June 4th, 2018|Event Promotion, Fundraising|

This post features a guest article from our friend Stacey Wonder.  Fundraising events are an increasingly popular way for non-profit organizations and even individuals to raise awareness and of course funding for various different causes. However, these events usually require willing sponsors to contribute donations and other resources in order to be successful. Effective communication, [...]

The 10 Best Event Management Blogs

2019-03-11T22:17:28-04:00May 12th, 2018|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing|

Over the years, we’ve written a few posts highlighting our favorite fundraising blogs. While these are great resources for all things fundraising, we want to provide you with a go-to guide on the best resources for event management. The below list consists of some of our favorite event management blogs, including topics like strategies [...]

How to Sell Tickets Online

2018-12-04T23:24:08-04:00April 25th, 2018|Event Promotion, Event Ticketing|

When it comes to selling event tickets, you simply cannot beat the advantages of selling your tickets online! As many event hosts already know, selling events tickets can help you: Reach a larger audience. Sell tickets for a longer time period. Make the ticket purchase and checkout process easier for your guests. In addition [...]

6 Tips for Using Fundraising Emails to Promote Your Online Auction

2019-03-02T14:37:55-04:00December 17th, 2017|Event Promotion, Fundraising, Online Silent Auctions|

For most nonprofits, email communication is a critical part of annual strategy. Whether fundraising emails are being scheduled to help drive support for an upcoming initiative, attendance for a fundraising event, or simply to give monthly updates about the nonprofit, email strategy is not something to overlook! At the same time, we’ve seen a [...]

5 Proven Peer-to-Peer Strategies to Rock Your Fundraiser

2019-03-26T22:55:43-04:00July 25th, 2017|Event Promotion, Fundraising|

Are you ready to raise money for your nonprofit, but not sure where to start? Consider peer-to-peer fundraising, a method of social fundraising that turns the traditional donation model on its head. By empowering your existing donor base to enlist their friends, family, and social network to contribute on their behalf, peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising [...]

How to Use Your Event Registration Page to Sell Sponsorship

2018-04-27T09:35:56-04:00July 17th, 2017|Event Promotion, Fundraising|

In today’s fundraising and event landscape, event registration and online ticketing have become common practice. The ease of use for both host and attendee, ability to reach larger audiences, and data collection associated with event registration make it a no-brainer for those planning their fundraising events. But what if I told you that there [...]