Event Ticketing

How much does your event ticketing service cost?

2017-04-13T22:25:06-04:00April 13th, 2017|

Accelevents offers extremely affordable pricing for event ticketing. We charge $1 per ticket plus 1% of the ticket sales amount. All of these fees can be absorbed by your donors, making the service free for your organization. You can learn more about our pricing here.

Can I sell different ticket types at my event?

2017-04-13T22:42:25-04:00April 13th, 2017|

Yes! Our system allows you to create as many ticket types as you'd like, each featuring their own specific details including: Price Dates on sale Quantity Available  

What is your Event Ticketing service?

2017-04-13T22:22:56-04:00April 13th, 2017|

Accelevents offers a full-service ticketing platform. This platform allows users to create a custom online event page and sell tickets in minutes. Our pricing is affordable at only $1 per ticket + 1% of the ticket sale amount. All of these fees can be absorbed by your ticket purchasers. Additionally, our ticketing platform fully integrates [...]

If guests purchase event tickets, do they need to register to bid or donate?

2018-02-26T23:22:17-04:00April 13th, 2017|

No! As long as guest's information is submitted during event ticket purchase, they will simply need to login to their account to bid or donate. Those who did not submit their information when purchasing a ticket (or those who had a ticket purchased for them) will enter their information upon entering their first bid [...]