Modern Philanthropist Series: Pt. 2 – Fundraising Experiences

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Today, fundraising can take many forms. While traditional forms of fundraising (direct mail, donation pages, cold calling, etc.) are all extremely popular and somewhat effective at generating donations for your cause, the Modern Philanthropist looks for something different: Fundraising Experiences.

The Modern Philanthropist constantly seeks out avenues to create great experiences. This includes exciting and unique fundraising experiences. In order to engage and maintain your audience’s attention, any potential fundraising efforts must provide this experience factor.

When considering your potential audience, empathy is the key. Now more than ever, the general population is trending towards the most unique, modern, and exciting experiences. This can be anything from the newest mobile device, to the best local restaurant. In order to captivate the demands of your audience, you must be able to deliver an unforgettable experience. This will create lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

So what does this mean for your fundraising efforts?

It means that you should try to stand out when supporting a cause. Rather than emailing friends and family and simply asking for a donation, try to provide a memorable fundraising experience for your donors. Host an event (large or small) at an exciting new venue, or even offer a few great silent auction items / experiences that your donors can bid on as part of your fundraiser for your event. Winning attendees will always remember their gift, and will even associate the positive experience of using their prize with the excitement of your fundraiser.
By providing your audience with a fundraising experience instead of the traditional approach of soliciting donations, you will stay on the top of your donors’ mind and will cut through the clutter of offers and asks that your audience receives on a daily basis. This relevancy will maintain your audience’s attention and over time, create a meaningful relationship with your donors’, while also drawing the attention of other Modern Philanthropists.

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