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Built for event hosts, by event hosts.

In preparation for an 840 person fundraiser hosted by Jon and Zach, the two anticipated several shortcomings of existing raffle systems.  Scrambling to provide a memorable night while maximizing the bottom line, the two decided to create their own solution: a text-based bidding system. The results were outstanding with rave reviews and nearly double the anticipated raffle proceeds.  After countless inquiries into the technology, the two went on to create AccelEvents, a company focused on helping you to create a successful and memorable event.


Jonathan Kazarian
Jonathan KazarianCEO, Co-Founder
Jon is Accelevents’ CEO and Co-Founder, responsible for setting and executing the vision for the company. Jon’s time is often spent designing the system to maximize your experience working with Accelevents.
Zach Hagopian
Zach HagopianCOO, Co-Founder
Zach is AccelEvents’ COO and Co-Founder, focusing on company strategy, efficiency, and execution. Zach works with the AccelEvents team to create the best possible experience for you as you setup and run your fundraising solution.