Fundraiser Promotion

How to Increase Your Fundraiser Proceeds in Under an Hour

2018-04-27T09:38:09-04:00May 19th, 2016|Fundraising Tips|

Are you interested in dramatically increasing your fundraiser proceeds in less than an hour? In this post, I’m going to outline how you can effectively and efficiently market your Accelevents fundraiser in order to improve your contribution results for your next fundraiser. But first, let’s think about what goes into an effective marketing campaign [...]

37 Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser

2019-05-16T10:43:01-04:00March 12th, 2016|Event Promotion, Fundraising Tips|

Effective promotion of your fundraising event is a surefire way to increase your event’s attendance and reach your fundraising goal. While there are many different promotion strategies and channels available to you, we’ve found that a combination of multiple strategies and channels works best to promote your event. To get you started, we’ve put [...]