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Fundraiser Blueprint Series: Fundraiser Checklist

2016-12-06T05:50:12-04:00November 3rd, 2015|Fundraising Tips|

So you’ve been tirelessly planning your fundraiser for a few months (or weeks), and have now arrived at the final seven-day countdown to your event.  You’ve carefully selected a team to help support your goals, have locked down the perfect venue, and have hopefully secured a few amazing sponsors. The final week leading up to your [...]

Choosing the Right Fundraiser Venue

2016-12-06T05:50:14-04:00March 17th, 2015|Fundraising Tips|

When planning your fundraising event, selecting the right fundraiser venue is a crucial step.  Below, we’ve assembled a quick checklist that will help you choose the right venue for your event: Fundraiser Venue Criteria Size Does the venue have enough space to host your anticipated guest number, in addition to allowing space for food, beverages, [...]

The Fundraising Blueprint: Picking the Perfect Fundraiser Venue

2016-12-06T05:50:13-04:00August 20th, 2015|Fundraising Tips|

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for...the venue announcement for Fall Formal 2015! ...But before we reveal the location (our teaser image may have already done the trick), let’s recap what we learned from last year’s Fall Formal. To start, it’s critical to realize the importance of the fundraiser venue that your team [...]

The Fundraising Blueprint: Venue Walkthrough

2019-05-01T23:29:43-04:00September 25th, 2015|Fundraising Tips|

While our first committee meeting for the 2nd Annual Fall Formal was a great start, it was the venue walkthrough that we had selected which brought the committee together. Our committee consists of 11 young professionals in their mid 20s, so trying to schedule a time that works for everyone was a challenge for [...]