The Fundraiser Blueprint

Our Fundraiser Blueprint series gives you an inside look at the fundraising process, by taking you behind the scenes with real fundraising event hosts. Here, we’ll cover everything from building a fundraising committee, to choosing the right fundraising venue.

Fundraising Blueprint: Creating a Fundraising Committee

2015-12-23T18:54:10-05:00 August 26th, 2015|The Fundraiser Blueprint|

In our last Fundraiser Blueprint Series post, we announced the venue for the 2015 Fall Formal - Boston Children’s Museum. Our next step is the formation of a fundraising Committee. The fundraising Committee is crucial to your fundraiser, as it will be your go-to team for gaining sponsorship, raffle or silent auction items, generating PR, [...]

The Fundraising Blueprint: The Beginning

2016-12-06T05:50:13-05:00 July 19th, 2015|The Fundraiser Blueprint|

Almost a year after our first annual Fall Formal, we are now getting ready for round two of the annual event to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Over the next three and a half months we will provide behind-the-scenes updates of our progress as the night of our second Annual event approaches in the Fundraiser [...]

The Fundraising Blueprint: Venue Walkthrough

2015-12-23T18:55:55-05:00 September 25th, 2015|Fundraising Tips, The Fundraiser Blueprint|

While our first committee meeting for the 2nd Annual Fall Formal was a great start, it was the venue walkthrough that we had selected which brought the committee together. Our committee consists of 11 young professionals in their mid 20s, so trying to schedule a time that works for everyone was a challenge for us. [...]