[Webinar Series] How to Run a Successful Golf Fundraiser w. Perfect Golf Event

  • golf webinar part two

With summer only days away, it’s time to focus on your upcoming golf fundraiser. This month, we’ll continue with our golf fundraiser series, giving you tips and tricks such as:

In our June Webinar, we will tell you exactly how you can optimize your golf fundraiser, covering topics such as:

  • Incorporating technology into your golf fundraiser
  • Using different games and strategies to engage your participants and raise more money

So click below to watch the recording and learn how you can use these tips and strategies to have your most successful and profitable fundraising event yet!

Original Recording Date: June 28th, 2018

Length: 45 minutes

We’ll also have a special guest co-host from Perfect Golf Event. Perfect Golf Event helps your golf event be more successful and keep players and sponsors returning each year. Starting with an instant golf event website, Perfect Golf Event also offers fundraising contests to attract players and sponsors.

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