[Webinar Series] How to Run a Successful Silent Auction

2018-12-04T23:22:51-04:00August 28th, 2018|Fundraising, Webinars|

Silent auctions are a staple for most fundraising events. Not only do they give your supporters a fun and engaging way to donate to your cause, but they help increase your bottom line! In our upcoming September Webinar, we will tell you exactly how you can run your most successful silent auction ever, covering [...]

[Webinar Series]: How to Run a Successful Golf Fundraiser

2019-03-01T09:39:32-04:00April 29th, 2018|Fundraising, Golf Fundraisers, Webinars|

Spring and summer fundraising season is finally here! As the weather gets warmer, fundraising hosts have the opportunity to offer unique fundraising experiences, with engaging venues and settings. One of our favorite spring/summer fundraising formats is the golf fundraiser. Always popular, golf fundraisers are both engaging and profitable for nonprofit organizations. But are you [...]

[Webinar Series]: The Benefits of Mobile and Online Fundraising

2018-12-04T23:23:57-04:00April 14th, 2018|Fundraising, Webinars|

As mobile and online technology become interwoven in every element of our lives, more and more consumers are turning to this technology to help their mobile fundraising strategy. While mobile technology can significantly increase your fundraising experience and proceeds, many organizations and fundraisers still do not fully understand how mobile fundraising works, how to [...]