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16 Event Software Features To Elevate Your 2024 Events

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2023 Was Defined by Growth and Innovation

As we step into 2024 at Accelevents, we reflect on the significant progress we made in the past year. The features we introduced in 2023 were not merely updates; they're milestones in our mission to make event tech more intuitive, flexible, and adaptive.

Big shoutout to our team for driving innovation forward and to our customers for your honest feedback and insights. Looking forward to another year of pushing boundaries and redefining event management. Let's keep the momentum going!
headshot of Jonathan Kazarian, CEO of event management software provider Accelevents

Explore the 16 Features Our Customers Loved the Most

In 2023, we deployed 26 major releases to put you, the event organizer, back in the driver’s seat. Our focus has been on features that make every stage of event organization seamless and straightforward. The result: a intuitive event platform that can handle events of any size, format, and complexity.

Continue reading to explore our top 16 features categorized by event lifecycle stage:

  • Pre-Event Planning
  • Event Day Solutions
  • Post-Event Analysis

Pre-Event Planning

1. Create Stunning Event Pages With Our Drag-And-Drop Website Builder

Effortlessly design beautiful, branded event websites in just minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Alternatively, enhance your existing website with dynamic event widgets that update content automatically, keeping your site fresh and engaging.

a customizable event website is a powerful marketing tool to attract event attendees to your next successful event or webinar

2. Curate Event Participants With Registration Approval Workflows

With our registration approval workflows, admit the right mix of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors to achieve your event goals.

  • Screen attendees by collecting key information, then approve, waitlist, or deny applications to ensure a relevant and engaged audience.
  • For speakers, quickly assess topic relevance before approving their sessions.
  • Ask exhibitors to submit their company information, then choose those that best resonate with your audience. Approved exhibitors get instant access to set up and customize their booths.
event registration approval workflow screenshot of the Accelevents event management system

3. Build Floor Plans and Sell Expo Booths

Efficiently handle seating assignments for exhibitor booths and general admission using distinct registration flows within a single event.

Our Venue Designer tool enables you to craft your venue layout and develop a reserved seating chart effortlessly with its drag-and-drop functionality. After laying out your venue, assign specific seats or entire rows to different ticket types by selecting the seats and corresponding ticket types.

floor plan of corporate event displayed in the event app along with other key event information such as the event schedule and event pricing

4. Track Everything in HubSpot With the Deepest Bi-Directional HubSpot Integration in Event Tech

As the first HubSpot Certified App Partner in the event industry, Accelevents provides a seamless and comprehensive HubSpot integration. Now, through a range of HubSpot workflows, effortlessly transfer registrant data from HubSpot to Accelevents:

  • Automatically create deals in HubSpot when tickets are sold.
event planners can map fields from the Accelevents event management tools to the HubSpot CRM for a seamless software integration

Explore our integration guides to check out the details:

5. Give Attendees the Option to Register Now and Pay Later

Provide greater payment flexibility by allowing attendees to register and reserve their event spot without immediate payment. Post-registration, they’ll get an order confirmation email with an attached PDF invoice and a "Pay Now" button. Clicking this button will direct them to a secure payment page, where they can complete their payment.

for events that include ticket sales or paid registrations, attendees have two options on the registration form - real-time online payment processing or later payment

6. Design and Print Professional Badges in Any Format

Effortlessly design professional badges in any format using our intuitive drag-and-drop Badge Designer.

Our integrated badge printing solution seamlessly works with our registration and check-in system. Easily check in attendees using your Admin App and instantly print their badges. Alternatively, attendees can self-check in at the event and print their badges in minutes.

Accelevents is an event software solution with a built-in badge designer that empowers event professionals to design professional branded badges with key attendee information, branding, and sponsorship logo placements

7. Help Speakers and Exhibitors Stay Organized With Dedicated Portals

Our new speaker and exhibitor portals are designed to provide easy access to schedules, documents, and booth details in one convenient location.

screenshot of portal for exhibitors and sponsors, which serves as a gateway to event info, thereby facilitating the event planning process for these key stakeholders

Event Day Solutions

8. Streamline Check-In and Showcase your Brand With Check-In Kiosks

Customized Branding: Enhance the event experience right from the start with fully branded check-in kiosks. Personalize the kiosks by uploading your logo, setting a custom background image, choosing your brand colors, and adding custom text. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to generate revenue by offering sponsor placements prominently on the kiosks.

A Faster Check-In Process: Leverage the Accelevents Admin Mobile App's kiosk mode for a swift self-check-in and badge printing experience. Attendees can easily find their names or scan their QR codes for instant check-in, thanks to the kiosk’s enhanced "Search" feature with autocomplete functionality.

event check-in kiosk where attendees can scan their QR code with their mobile event app and check themselves into the right event

9. No Wi-Fi, No Problem: Capture Event Data Offline

Don't worry if your venue's Wi-Fi is unreliable or certain areas have connectivity issues. We've got you covered:

  • Event & Session Check-In: Continue check-in smoothly and securely, even offline. With our  Admin Mobile App, you can now check in attendees without an internet connection; it will automatically sync the data once you're back online.
  • Lead Capture: Never lose a lead due to a poor internet connection. You and your exhibitors can use the Attendee Mobile App to capture them offline, and they'll be seamlessly synced once connectivity is restored.
workflow illustrating how Accelevents facilitates lead capture at trade shows and conferences, even when the internet fails

10. Boost Attendance With Passwordless Registration

Instead of creating a password during registration, attendees can directly join the event by clicking the "Join Event" button in their order confirmation email or by using a magic link.

magic link sent to online event attendees for a more user-friendly, streamlined virtual event experience

11. Increase Audience Engagement on The App Through Gamification

Introducing gamification in our Attendee App! Boost engagement by having attendees earn gamification points for various actions:

  • Purchasing early bird tickets
  • Checking into a session onsite
  • Joining or watching a virtual session
  • Viewing an exhibitor in the app
  • Allowing an exhibitor to scan them in as a lead
gamification challenges and metrics displayed on the mobile app to boost attendee engagement during the event

12. Stay In Control of Meeting Scheduling

Event Administrators now have the option to disable attendee-initiated meetings to streamline scheduling and curate your event experience.

13. Boost Engagement With User-Generated Lounges

Boost engagement and networking by empowering attendees to create and moderate their lounges - subject to your approval!

Interested in learning more? Check out our guide to user-generated lounges.

photo of a user-generated event lounge on the Accelevents all-in-one event platform, illustrating how immersive the attendee experience at virtual events can be.

14. Integrate Accelevents Engagement Data With HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and Pardot

Our integrations are bi-directional to ensure that your data remains synchronized. This two-way data flow now extends beyond registration and attendance data, encompassing all engagement data exchanges between your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and Accelevents.

This enhancement allows for the activation of workflows and tailored messaging, including the capability to incorporate registrant QR codes in emails sent from your CRM.

screenshot of the data mapping template showing how event details are synced from Accelevents to HubSpot for seamless cross-platform attendee management

Post-Event Analysis

15. Gain Event Insights With Cross-Event Audience Analytics

Organizer Admins can use our cross-event analytics feature to discover audience trends and preferences across multiple events. Ideal for business, enterprise, and white-label accounts, this tool helps event professionals effortlessly fine-tune their event strategy.

animation showing how an event audience can be segmented for more targeted event marketing, event promotion, and email marketing campaigns

16. Effortlessly Create and Send Event Surveys to Collect Feedback

Design surveys to collect feedback on the overall event or individual sessions. Share the survey form through a pop-up at the end of each session, by sending a push notification, or through email.

screenshot of event survey gathering event feedback from stakeholders to improve the user experience at future events


Load Testing and Availability Enhancements

The biggest enhancement is the one you can’t see. We spent four months building the most robust load-testing infrastructure in the industry to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day. It’s not sexy. And it doesn’t give the marketing team anything fun to talk about. But it’s the right thing to do, and it’s how we will continue to earn your trust. Look, event software IS mission-critical. You are putting your trust in our hands and we don’t take that lightly.

Want to stay updated on all our latest features? Visit our Product Update page to stay in the know.

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