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A Better Event Experience Starts With A Faster, Safer Check-In

Event-goers don’t want to wait in long lines to get checked in. Get them through the doors faster with our contactless event check-in tools and save yourself the stress of dealing with large crowds.

photo of check-in kiosk for in-person events combined with onsite check-in analytics screen

A Safer, Faster Way To Check In Guests

Assisted Check-In

Accelevents works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Use a laptop or a mobile device equipped with our mobile app to provide a safe, touch-less check in to your attendees.

It only takes seconds to:

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Scan an attendee's unique QR code on their mobile app, ticket or order confirmation or
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Look them up by attendee name
rsvp screen for manual check-in and QR code being scanned

Self-Check In

Reduce check in time even more by offering attendees a self-service “kiosk mode” check-in on iPad devices.

Registrants can easily scan their QR code to check themselves in. Walk-in attendees can effortlessly register on their own and then check themselves in.

self check-in via iPad with QR code scanner
VIP guest list management screen and VIP welcome message on iPhone

Easy & Effortless Badge Printing

Pre-print your badges prior to the event or choose on-demand badge printing on the day of the event.

Our badge printing process is so simple that even attendees choosing to self-check in can easily print badges directly from their iPad kiosk.

Attendance Tracking In Real Time

Captured attendee data syncs securely and automatically across the Accelevents event management platform. Track attendance on our dashboard and via detailed attendee analytics and reports.

Thanks to powerful integrations with leading CRMs such as HubSpot and SalesForce attendee data easily flows to any system in your tech stack - all in real time.

screen displaying dashboard with tracking metrics
VIP guest list management screen and VIP welcome message on iPhone

VIP Treatment Upon Arrival

Your special guests expect special treatment from the moment they arrive at your event. Set up automatic notifications to ensure that every VIP on your guest-list receives a warm welcome message upon arrival.

Minimal Set Up, Minimal Hassle

Accelevents is easy to learn and manage. Our intuitive, user-friendly check-in features do not require time-consuming onsite training for your event staff.

We also offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, so if you need help we’ll respond within 30 seconds.

smiling customer rep providing support to in person events, virtual events and hybrid events


Ready to make your next event your best event ever?

Accelevents is an enterprise-grade event management platform that works for events of any size or type.  We help you and your exhibitors manage every aspect of your event: event page creation, event registration and online ticketing, broadcasting, engagement and gamification, lead capture and event marketing.

Book a consultation to see how our event technology can support your next trade show, conference or fundraiser.

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