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Host a full-scale virtual trade show with multiple sessions, workshops, keynotes, breakouts, and of course an engaging exhibitor hall with unique virtual booths that draw attendees in.

virtual trade shows
"We were unable to host an in-person conference this year due to the pandemic, and we have chosen Accelevents for our first-time virtual conference. It turned out that we have reached a larger audience and have received tons of positive feedback for the platform and the event. We might never switch back to in-person again!"
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Maximize Your Revenue Potential With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform Features

Adding an expo hall to any event is a great way to deliver extra value, amplify engagement and boost networking with your attendees, sponsors and partners.

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Create tiers of sponsorship packages with custom footprints for varying virtual booth spaces.
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All exhibitors will be able to gain access to actionable analytics including booth visits, downloads, and clicks on specific calls-to-action.
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As the event organizer, you can evaluate which exhibitor content resonated the most with your audience to help inform future trade show decisions, and much more.
virtual trade shows
virtual trade shows

Set Up an Expo Hall in Minutes

Allow your exhibitors to easily create a memorable and engaging virtual footprint within your virtual trade show environment. With our virtual trade show platform back-end user-interface, exhibitors can spend less time assembling their booth and more time focusing on optimizing ROI. Convert passive booth visitors into potential customers by engaging attendees directly in your exhibit with a dedicated live stream, promo videos, downloadable materials, and 1:1 chat.

With recent advancements in event technology, virtual trade show platforms have evolved significantly and now offer a viable mechanism to host multi-faceted, multi-layered events that connect the entire event ecosystem under one digital roof.
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Whitney HarrissVice President of Customer Experience

Moreover, as we look towards a hybrid event environment, traditional trade shows now have an opportunity to expand their attendee reach and engage an audience around the world. Thus, creating additional growth and revenue opportunities for the trade show organizer and event planner.

Recently, we have seen many of our clients activate robust, full-scale virtual trade shows that consisted of the following elements: virtual booths and exhibitor hall, seamless attendee networking and engagement, end-to-end event marketing and promotion, and even an area to sell products and services. We expect this trend to continue as virtual trade show software has the ability to expand the horizon and go beyond boundaries to help event organizers accomplish their goals in ways never before imagined.

Traditionally, in-person trade shows offered an engaging, electric environment for attendees to mix and mingle. However, when it comes to optimizing return on investment, in-person trade shows did not make it easy for brands and event organizers to actively track and attribute revenue generation with confidence. In-person attendee lead capture inefficiencies and the significant cost of appearing on a physical trade show floor created risk for the event organizer.

Now with a virtual trade show platform— especially one with and a robust suite of analytics tools — you can easily capture attendee data, track their behavioral activity throughout the virtual venue, segment based on attendee personas, deliver personalized communication, and ultimately partner with marketing and/or sales to reach your KPIs. And lastly, the cost of virtual trade show platforms is relatively low and since we are talking purely technology, the investment can be scaled as your event size grows. As we reflect on this period of event transformation, we believe virtual trade show platforms like Accelevents can maximize the overall event experience. From event hosts to exhibitors and sponsors to speakers and most importantly attendees— virtual trade shows are not only here to stay but they will be the new normal. We would be happy to join you in your journey in making events better.

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virtual trade shows

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