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The Event Engagement Platform That Builds Community

Build exciting events that connect people in meaningful ways through speed networking, lively round table discussions and intimate breakout rooms. Drive engagement even more by introducing gamification features that add competition and play to the event experience.

hybrid event experiences for local, national and global audience engagement
a successful event starts with a warm welcome - onsite or online

Give Attendees A Warm Welcome

Pre-Event Networking

Provide your attendees with the opportunity to attend a pre-event networking party - for free or as a paid add-on to your main event.

Push Notifications

Our apps are an easy way to share pre-event information with your attendees. Use push notifications to Introduce keynotes they won’t want to miss or explain your registration and badging process ahead of time.

Virtual Event Lobby

For a truly immersive attendee experience, have virtual participants visit your branded virtual event lobby to check out your welcome video, activity wall, gamification leaderboard and general chat.

Nurture Small Group Interactions

Use our virtual event platform to facilitate audience engagement through high quality small group discussions.

Virtual Round Tables

Deepen connections by facilitating online face-to-face interactions. Invite small groups of like-minded individuals to a virtual workshop or a dynamic roundtable discussion.

Virtual Lounges

Create one or multiple lounges to encourage spontaneous discussions around trending topics. Add a topic, posts, images, videos, and a live forum to each lounge.

attendees engaged in an interactive chat and participating in live polling during a webinar
one-on-one audience engagement made easy by Accelevents event planning software

Foster Individual Connections

We support in-person events, virtual events and hybrid events, so event organizers can provide exhibitors and attendees with a variety of opportunities to engage with each other.

Comprehensive Attendee Profiles

Provide in-person and virtual attendees with detailed profiles that include their name, social media handles, website, headshot, and interests.

Tag-based Event Matchmaking

Facilitate meaningful connections between attendees. Our algorithm will connect them based on criteria such as common interests or networking goals. Attendees will also receive connection suggestions based on shared interests.

Ad-Hoc Chats & Meetings

Attendees can send out connection requests directly from their computer or their mobile app. Once connected they can use the chat function to get to know each other or request a meeting for a more in-depth conversation. Bonus: Once attendees are connected, they will stay connected at the next event they participate in!

Make Events More Fun

Create a variety of games and watch engagement soar as event attendees engage in friendly competition. Accelevents offers a full suite of gamification features that can be easily added to your event content:

Points Challenges:

bullet point
Set up fun challenges such as scavenger hunts or a trivia quiz; award points when attendees complete them.
bullet point
Gamify activities such as participating in sessions, downloading assets or joining a live stream.
bullet point
Invite sponsors to donate rewards or to create games that drive awareness for their brand.
bullet point
Track attendees’ progress through the gamification leaderboard and recognize your best players.
Q&A and polls to gather feedback and improve future events
Q&A and polls to gather feedback and improve future events

Give Everyone A Voice

Gather Feedback During Your Event

Event polls are a great way to boost attendee engagement while also gathering feedback and opinions.

bullet point
Get topic-centered feedback by attaching polls to a session.
bullet point
Boost engagement at the booth by allowing exhibitors to set up polls.
bullet point
Keep onsite event attendees entertained by running live polling on the event app.

Provide Opportunities To Ask Questions

Enable the Q&A feature to allow attendees to interact with speakers in real time during a live event or to give booth visitors the option to ask exhibitors questions.

Send Out Post-Event Surveys

A post-event survey will not only help you evaluate your event but will help you better plan future events.

Build Events Into Your Continuing Education Programs

Have your students watch live and on-demand event sessions to earn continuing education units (CEUs). Select event sessions that qualify for continuing education (CE) credits, set minimum required watch times and our system will take care of the rest.

Continuing Education Challenges:

bullet point
Our event technology will automatically monitor metrics such number of sessions watched or minimum required watch time per session.
bullet point
Learners can track their progress on our gamification board in the Virtual Events Lobby. This is a great way to keep them focused on completing course requirements.
virtual attendee watching keynote during online event to earn credits

Stay Connected With Mobile Apps

Admin App For Event Planners

Busy event planners use our Admin app to sustain engagement throughout the event. Send out push notifications in bulk to invite attendees to games or to promote keynotes. Or engage individually with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors while you’re out and about.

Mobile App For Attendees

Attendees can use our mobile event app to explore the agenda, to network, to respond to polls, play games or submit questions to exhibitors.

mobile apps for check-in, agenda management and networking
track metrics typical for the events industry such as registration, event attendance and session attendance

Measure Engagement To Drive Event Success

Continuously improve overall event engagement by tracking metrics such as number of sessions viewed or number of challenges completed. Gain insights into your most engaging sessions, topics and speakers by monitoring attendance and view time by session.

Our powerful integrations enable you to export engagement data to your CRM for a more personalized post-event follow-up and nurture.

Ready For Your Next Successful Event?

Our engagement tools work seamlessly with our in-person, hybrid and virtual event planning solutions.

Whether you are hosting a virtual conference or an in-person trade show or expo, our user-friendly event management software has everything you need, from event registration, event marketing, live streaming and video conferencing all the way to post-event analytics.

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