Event Lead Capture

Lead Capture That Drives Exhibitor ROI

Turn in-person and virtual events into the #1 demand generation channel for your exhibitors. Our easy-to-use lead capture tools empower exhibitors to collect, segment, and qualify the leads they engage with, so sales and marketing can set up a faster, more effective follow-up.

software screens that illustrate universal lead capture for event planners and exhibitors
"There's SO MUCH that goes into hosting a virtual event for 1,500+ people, and Accelevents' makes it easier with their clear and intuitive platform. Plus, they integrate with Zapier, which opens up so many possibilities!"
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app on iOs device capturing barcode for leads onsite combined with screen to access lead capture form

Capture every lead with our mobile app

Instant lead capture from anywhere

Drive more value for your exhibitors with a user-friendly lead capture app that they’ll love to use. Instead of collecting business cards to capture expo and trade show lead data your exhibitors can instantly capture lead data by scanning an attendee’s unique QR code from their mobile app or badge.

Unlimited mobile app users

Exhibitors can add an unlimited number of sales reps to their booth - at no extra cost! Each rep can download the Accelevents mobile app and register with their own login. Exhibitors can easily track individual sales performance and provide real-time coaching that will generate more quality leads.

Meetings made easy

Our mobile apps connect exhibitors and attendees as the event unfolds:

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Attendees use their app to book meetings with exhibitors.
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Exhibitors use the app to arrange impactful onsite demos.

Keep everyone In compliance

Help your exhibitors stay CCPA and GDPR compliant by setting up a standard compliance disclaimer, or enable each exhibitor to create their own disclaimer statement.

exhibitor and legal drafting data privacy document for online or offline event
onsite activity enriches lead information used by sales teams and booth staff to rate leads

Enrich your virtual lead data

Virtual events are ideally suited for intent data capture. Our lead capture solution automatically marks virtual booth visitors as leads and assigns them a score if they:

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Send a chat message while visiting a booth.
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Have a conversation with a booth rep.
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Download a file or click a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Exhibitors can instantly view and score incoming leads or adjust the lead score of a qualified lead manually if needed.

Support your exhibitors with real-time lead reports

Our lead retrieval data helps to sharpen your exhibitors’ instincts for effective sales tactics. Exhibitors can access lead reports on their computer or mobile device, analyze lead data in real time and coach their sales teams towards maximum event performance.

on-demand lead reports and dashboards for a better lead qualification process
woman selling lead contact information to an exhibitor’s onsite staff

Use your next event to monetize lead capture

Upsell lead retrieval to exhibitors or allow them to purchase lead data directly from Accelevents. Create custom lead data bundles for each exhibitor and customize what lead data they can access. Event organizers can also sell push notifications to exhibitors to drive more traffic to their booth.

Discover event management minus the stress

Your lead data is in good hands! Accelevents lead capture tools are fully integrated into our enterprise-grade event management platform. Whether you are hosting an online or onsite event, we’ll handle every step of your event lifecycle, from registration, check-in and lead capture all the way to post-event marketing.

Our software is user friendly, customizable and fully integrated with leading marketing automation platforms and CRM systems such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

woman relaxing know she has offline and onsite lead capture solutions for iOs and Android devices
Hubspot and Salesforce intergrations

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