Effortless Lead Capture at Your Event

Keep exhibitors coming back by helping them maximize event ROI!

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Events account for 24% of B2B marketing budgets. Capture more of that budget with the platform that turns your event into the #1 demand gen channel for your exhibitors.

Accelevents takes care of the details so your vendors can focus on what they do best. We streamline the relationship-building process by providing easy-to-use tools that keep all of your exhibitors’ leads systemized.

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No Lead Left Behind

Help your exhibitors collect information from every attendee who visits their booth. We make capturing enriched data such as attendee information and notes from your conversations easy. You can then share that information with your team and integrate with your CRM, like HubSpot, SalesForce, or Marketo – all in real-time.

Your event is already facilitating the face-to-face meeting. Now provide a way to help track and close that business. Instant lead retrieval lets you do this as expediently as you want.

Quickly rank your leads when you meet them so you can start working on the hottest leads right away!

Everything exhibitors need in one app

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Schedule meetings the same day
Allow customers to book meetings the moment they’re interested in learning more. Getting the information they need as quickly and comprehensively as possible will encourage a more informed and prompt decision.
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Manage the whole team
Allow exhibitors to manage their own reps by setting limits on the number of reps exhibitors can add.
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Follow up faster with one inbox
Keep your whole team in the know with a single inbox or strike a more personal tone with direct messaging.
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Help exhibitors manage their teams with
real-time reporting

Exhibitors can analyze lead data onsite to coach their team for maximum performance yields. Our Lead Retrieval data helps to sharpen your exhibitors’ instincts for effective sales tactics.
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Onboard exhibitors with ease

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Let our app onboard your exhibitors so that you can focus on your event.
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Enterprise-grade security allows every company to participate.
event lead capture

Monetize your way

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Upsell lead retrieval to exhibitors or allow them to purchase directly from Accelevents
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Create custom bundles for each exhibitor and determine precisely what attendee data they can access
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Data on lead collection can be used to analyze promotions and scheduling that drove exhibitor engagement and allowed you to rate lead quality. This data can also be evaluated for creating new campaigns to drive further engagement during the event and follow-up events.
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Sell push notifications to exhibitors to drive more traffic to their booth. (requires Accelevents attendee app)
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Drive engagement with gamification using custom challenges to drive attendees to interact with vendors

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