Event Gamification for Virtual & In-Person Engagement

In today’s event landscape, attendee engagement is the key differentiator between an event’s success and failure. Create challenges that gets everyone involved, drive interaction, and keep sponsors busy.


Pick from our engagement optimized challenges or build your own

Create gamification challenges using our built-in, no-code knowledge required challenge builder
Build a challenge in minutes that drives engagement
Get as specific as you want by defining challenges down to individual sessions, exhibitors, duration, and activity
Mix and match challenge rules
Create rewards for your attendee’s time spent in a session, downloading pdfs and virtual pamphlets, joining live stream networking, and more!

Seamlessly integrated

Accelevents gives you the ability to gamify any and all experiences your attendees have:

Attending certain sessions
Participating in networking activities
Visiting sponsors & exhibitors
Participationg in polls, Q&A, and chat
Scheduling and attending meetings
Connecting with other attendees and co-workers
Promoting the event on social media
Downloading assets like PDFs or virtual pamphlets
Letting exhibitors scan their badges
QR code scanning for scavenger hunts and check-in

Create additional revenue channels

Get everyone involved by creating an unlimited number of challenges that encourage your attendees to explore all the ins and outs of your expo booths
Include custom challenges in your sponsorship packages to generate additional revenue for your organization

A little competition goes a long way

Providing fun rewards for a gamification challenge further incents your attendees to participate more broadly in the whole event experience. Examples of ways to promote and reward attendees for the most number of points in a given challenge are:

Cast the leaderboard on a monitor at your
event with real-time updates
Create exciting and memorable challenges (i.e., a virtual scavenger hunt, making new connections challenge, and other event objectives)
Create trivia quizzes with our Q&A feature
Tie in clever social media messaging,  encouraging attendees to promote the event or live tweet interesting quotes from speakers
Provide tangible awards for top 3 or top 5 winners, such as iPads or gift cards
Don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 chat service with any questions you might have regarding gamification. We are happy to walk you through “challenge” ideas that have worked well for our clients in the past!  

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