EXHIBITOR Management Software

The Easy Way to Manage Exhibitors and Sponsors

Effortlessly manage your exhibitors and sponsors, no matter how big your event. We automate communications at every touchpoint and, most importantly, boost exhibitor and sponsor ROI, keeping everyone coming back to your events!

screenshots of the Accelevents exhibitor management software, which handles everything from event ticketing and event registration to post-event surveys

Powerful Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Help exhibitors and sponsors showcase their brand and encourage attendee interaction with their branded assets.

bullet point
Virtual exhibitor booths with customizable colors, fonts, and messaging
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Invite participants on stage
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Post-session CTAs directed to sponsor sessions or pages
beautiful online event website for registration and ticketing
exhibitor screens that show that exhibitors can control their own event planning process within the Accelevents platform

Save Time by Putting Exhibitors in Control

Configure attendee journeys by setting up content tracks and placing strategic calls to action at the end of each session. Offer additional sponsorship opportunities with sponsor placements built into each session.

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Give every exhibitor their own portal to upload images, documents, and information.
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Set the number of staff each exhibitor can bring and let them manage their team
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Enable exhibitors to make last-minute adjustments to their booth setup, reducing the burden on your team during crunch time.

Advanced Tools to Connect Exhibitors and Attendees

Foster lasting relationships between exhibitors and attendees with advanced tools designed to create meaningful connections.

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AI-powered matchmaking
bullet point
Pre-Scheduled one-on-one meetings
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In-app messaging and notifications
tag-based matchmaking, meeting and networking tools that boost the attendee experience
lead capture and qualification workflows to boost exhibitor ROI and facilitate event project management for sponsors and exhibitors

Effortless Lead Capture & Lead Management

Empower exhibitors to collect, segment, and qualify the leads they engage with, so their sales and marketing team can set up a faster, more effective follow-up.

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Mobile app for easy lead capture and to schedule ad-hoc meetings
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Unlimited lead captures per exhibitor UNLESS you set a limit
bullet point
Virtual lead data enrichment through behavioral data
bullet point
Real-time lead reports for a faster, better lead qualification
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Determine exactly which data exhibitors get access to

Real-Time Analytics For You And Your Exhibitors

Help exhibitors to monitor and manage their booth performance for maximum ROI.

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Real-time analytics for you and your exhibitors
bullet point
Customizable reports with easy data export options
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Track every sponsor impression, engagement, and click
analytics to track the number of rsvps, attendance, event engagement and more

Elevate Exhibitor and Sponsor Management with Accelevents

Book a demo now to see how our platform can help you effortlessly manage exhibitors and sponsors, boost their ROI, and keep them coming back year after year.

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