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With 24/7 live support, we make sure your events go smoothly– from set up to completion.

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Real support from people

Real Support from Real People. Anytime, Anywhere.

We understand the complexities of planning an event. Our experienced customer success team is trained to anticipate challenges and tailor solutions for any type of event. Our goal is to deliver the best value and experience to every stakeholder within the event ecosystem.

We take great pride in our market-leading chat response time. Voted by G2 as “The Highest Quality of Support” and “The Easiest To Do Business With” our level of commitment to your success is the foundational pillar we were built on.

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24/7 Support

Our 24/7 chat and phone support is a well-oiled (and empathic) machine. Our customer experience team is ready within literal seconds to answer any questions and provide solutions for your most detailed inquiries.


Ready to deep dive into our platform? This is where our customer experience team shows you all of the tools for creating an amazing event. We provide 1:1 walkthrough meetings that clearly explain how to build your event and offer insight based on your event’s unique needs.

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1:1 platform walkthrough & training
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Customized to your event’s needs

Advanced Support

After finalizing your event plan, are you left wondering if you might need additional support? Inquire about our advanced support option, which is available to all plans. This option is the perfect add-on to enhance your planning process.

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Perfect for customers who want support additional to that included in their plan
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Available to ALL plans

Dedicated Event Support

Does it feel like you might need an extra set of hands on your actual event day? Our dedicated event support service takes event support to the next level. We provide day-of event assistance, help for your speakers, and can also help with your tech rehearsal.

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Day-of event support
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Speaker assistance, attendee assistance, exhibitor assistance etc.
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“An extra set of hands”
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Our webinars are one of the best resources we offer when it comes to learning our platform. We provide webinars for event organizers who are onboarding or want to learn about our analytics feature in more detail. We also want to be a great resource for your speakers and exhibitors, so we hold weekly webinars for them as well. This is a perfect way to soak up additional training, and all of these sessions also come with a Q&A portion for any lingering questions.

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Speaker webinar
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Exhibitor webinar
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OB webinar
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Analytics webinar
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Perfect for free additional training

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