In-Depth Analytics

Gain comprehensive, actionable insights to help inform your growth strategies.

virtual conferences
hybrid events

Dashboard & Session Reports

Instantly view registration performance and ticket sales directly from your event dashboard. Download activity data to strategically engage your attendees before, during, and after the event. Access session reports to analyze live attendance numbers and average attendance duration data to help make informed decisions on your personas and the type of content they find most valuable.

Engagement Insights

Understand the effectiveness of your event’s engagement by viewing the number of connections or matches made during the sessions, within the dedicated networking breaks, and through your session chats, Q&A, and poll results.

Exhibitor Lead Reports

Validate the value of your exhibitor booth with detailed lead retrieval data and an overview of how attendees interacted with your booth content. Our platform scores leads based on their engagement to make it easier for you to prioritize outreach.

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