Feature Announcement: Ticketing Customization, Tracking Links, Mobile App Updates

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Our most recent feature updates include multiple event ticketing enhancements, a new page on our mobile app, and a refreshed look for our clients that use only our event ticketing features. Feel free to reach out directly with any questions on these updates!

1. Custom Ticketing Question Enhancements

Event hosts can now assign custom questions to specific tickets types. This means your custom questions do not need to apply to all ticket types! Learn how to set up your tickets here.

2. Ticketing Discount Code Enhancements

We’ve upgraded our event ticketing discount code functionality by adding the ability to limit discount codes to one use per customer. We’ve also added the ability to ability to specify if a discount code applies for the whole order, or to a specific ticket within that order.

3. Tracking Links for Event Tickets

Our new tracking link feature will allow you to use custom links for selling tickets through different channels. All ticket sales will be tracked in our system, so you can see which channels (email, website, etc.) are performing the best in terms of ticket sales.

4. Accelevents Mobile App Updates

Our event check-in app now includes a new enhancement which shows the number of people checked into your event, segmented by ticket type (VIP versus General Admission, for example).

5. Ticketing Event Interface

For those of you that are not running a fundraising event and just want to sell tickets, our new event ticketing-only user interface is streamlined specifically for selling tickets, without any of the fundraising capabilities visible.

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