Customized Events

Event Customization

Design a stand-out digital event environment without code.

Attendee Engagement

Stunning Event Landing Pages

Stay “on brand” by seamlessly building a custom event registration page that extends your organization’s visual identity.  Choose from three preset theme designs to get started. Upload and select images, text, colors, buttons, and labels to keep consistent with your vision and brand.

Activate Your Event Hub

Design the entire event experience that aligns and exceeds your attendees’ expectations. Customize the look and feel of each section, including the lobby, side navigation labels, session areas, and engagement features.

Tailor Your Registration Process

Build a registration form with custom fields designed to capture actionable data and personalize the experience for attendees. Elevate your value by segmenting attendees based on specific demographic and/or psychographic information.

Book A Personalized Demo

Accelevents is the only enterprise-grade event management platform that is easy to use and customize. Book a demo and we’ll show you all the tools you need to manage your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event.

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