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Easy Fund a Need Setup

Setup your Fund a Need campaign in minutes. Our manager console make it ridiculously easy to setup your campaign, allowing you accept donations instantly!

  • Design a beautifully appealing fund a need page with your own branding, design, and story
  • Easily create custom levels of contribution, need, or missions to support.
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Mobile Text to Donate

Our text to donate option allows your supporters to donate from anywhere..

  • Donors can bid via text message – no app required!
  • Participants can bid from anywhere and no longer need to be present at your event to donate.
  • Fund a Need participants receive instant confirmations and receipts
  • Payments can be made directly from donors’ mobile devices.
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Promotion & Communication

Create custom-designed emails in seconds.

  • romote your Fund a Need campaign to your supporters and generate early interest via email.
  • Send updates before, during, and after your event.
  • Upload your own list of contact for quick and easy communication
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Online Giving

Make your Fund a Need campaign more accessible, creating an easier donation process and memorable giving experience.

  • Participants can donate instantly from your online donation page.
  • Interactive screen updates automatically to show progress towards your fundraising goal.
  • Share your Fund a Need campaign page to increase reach and collect donations from a larger audience.

Seamless Checkout

Delight your guests with our secure and intuitive checkout process

  • Fund a need participants pay directly from their phones or can swipe their credit card at your event using Square.
  • Fund a need participants receive instant confirmation once payment is accepted.
  • Apple pay integration available
  • All payments and transactions are instantly viewable in the Manager Console and are fully secure.

Instant analytics

Know exactly how much you’ve raised without the wait.

  • The manager console provides instant updates on donations submitted and funds raised
  • Collect participant information including name, phone number, and email
  • Download all participant and winner data for further analysis

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